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Xilica collaborates with its partners at Sennhesier to bring physical and remote workers and learners closer together.

The new Xilica Follow Me automated camera-tracking module makes it easy for remote participants to engage with conference room participants from remote locations thanks to intelligent software that identifies each new voice and follows with immediate and precise camera movements to track each speaker.


The Xilica Follow Me camera-tracking module uses the beam location of a Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone to automatically steer the camera to a seating position in a conference room.


Remote meeting participants can then visually track the conversation based on who is speaking at the physical location.

Integrators and tech managers can quickly configure the module using Xilica Designer software by setting specific camera positions based on the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2's beam angle and selecting the appropriate room size and layout.

The setup process also provides quality checks for audio presence and intelligibility through simple live metering.

Shaun Robinson, Vice President, Product Management, Xilica, says that:


Our PTZ controls in the Xilica Follow Me module make it easy to focus the camera on different seating positions, and from there it is as simple as saving preset numbers with the corresponding seats and activating Follow Me functionality. What this really represents is the next phase of Xilica and Sennheiser's combined efforts to simplify the technology and streamline the infrastructure in modern collaboration rooms, while ensuring that physical and remote attendees are equal participants.


Charlie Jones, Global Alliance and Partnerships Manager for Sennheiser, adds that:


The launch of our Xilica x Sennheiser Room Kits earlier this year proved very successful and established a strong foundation on which the two companies could continue to build on with simple, problem-solving solutions. The Follow-Me module is built with the TCC2 feature set in mind, and seamlessly brings the intelligence of our audio beamforming technology into the collaborative video infrastructure to create an entirely new group of benefits for our enterprise and education customers.

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