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Deep Dicolor Small Pitch HT&HP won the "Red-Dot" International Industry Design Award.

Focus on exquisite and extraordinary achievements, Deep Dicolor Small Pitch HT&HP series products also won the "Red-Dot" International Industry Design Award. As the "Oscar" in the design world, the Red-Dot Design Awards in 2019 were officially announced. Deep Dicolor's small pitch HT & HP series also won the "Golden Man" Bring The World Closer To You: HP Series. This is a small pitch fixed product. Mainly used in transportation hubs, control centers, large conference rooms, etc. Simple cabinet design, Made of die-cast aluminum. Higher installation accuracy, perfect seamless stitching. Reduce weight \ Guaranteed strength\ Improve efficiency


Easy installation\ Human operation

Low cost \ Beautiful appearance



 Practical For Application: HT Series

  • Ultra-high refresh rate and grayscale display technology Mounting width is only 62 mm
  • Save installation space.
  • Module, receiving card and power supply are easy to install and maintain 90 ° rectangular stitching, structural fine-tuning technology.
  • Ensure flatness when splicing.
  • Seamless stitching.
  • Solved the problem that the accuracy of precision pixel product splicing industry is difficult to solve.