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KIOSK IQ is a benchmark in intelligent monitoring of Digital Signage networks.


The own development in a cloud-based solution that intelligently monitors, controls and analyses digital signage systems in real time and independently of location.


Monitoring is the black box of Digital Signage installations. Many times, customers and integrators realize too late what needs to be fixed which creates frustration and dissatisfaction with the installed network. Our solution closes that gap and delivers a return of investment within twelve months while providing improved operational control and service levels. Our easy to install box creates a peace of mind for integrators and customers alike, comments Jessica Kalla, CEO of the Hamburg based company. 


How it works

KIOSK IQ detects and solves most mishaps and malfunctions before they cause trouble while optimizing system performance.

The KIOSK IQ box measures temperature, humidity, lights and motion sensors, and controls heating and ventilation components at players and screens.

Display, environmental or player data is communicated to and documented in a cloud-bases dashboard. 24/7 monitoring, cloud alert rules with escalation management and notifications via E-Mail or SMS alert users immediately and allow them to respond before issues escalate.

How it is distributed

KIOSK IQ can be retrofitted into existing installations and delivers perfect maintenance and experience management.

Its product is sold through a license-based model wich has delivered a return on investment for customers within twelve months. KIOSK IQ is owned by Hamburg based ACCENTA GmbH and is offered both as branded and white label solution. 

Tangible benefits

  • 55% fewer on-site visits and a considerable reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Significant reduction of energy cost due to automatic temperatura control, panels are shut down to avoid overheating, adjustment of brightness to the ambient light, switching off panels when no movement is registered or controlling the display’s switch-on and switch-off times.
  • Longer lifetime hardware as aggregated measures lead to reduced power consumption and longer device service life.

Technical features

  • Cloud-based 24/7 monitoring.
  • Alarm rules with escalation management.
  • Proactive notifications via email o SMS.
  • User-friendly dashboards.
  • Equipped with LAN/WLAN and optionally with an LTE modem.


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