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LianTronics is a display solution provider specializing in LED application products.

Where can your product be found? In which countries? In which markets?

Our products are sold all over the world.Liantronics 1 HIWhat advantages does your brand provide in comparison to your competitors?

LianTronics has long been focused on customized LED display products and solutions by relying on its superior product performance and end-to-end client support services.

First of all, LianTronics now has two sub-brands: LianTronics and Esdlumen. The dual-brand strategy has leveraged integrated compreshensive capabilities to improve our competitiveness in the market, and what’s more, allow us to better serve our customers worldwide.

Second, we have developed a full-range product portfolio of “LED modules + LED panels + solutions”, which widely covers the application in DOOH, transportation, retailing, rental, sports, control rooms, broadcasting, xR studios, etc. What’s more, we are capable to customize different products and solutions based on our in-house A-Z manufacturing facility and years of intelligent management experience. The standardized manufacturing processes with scale production and guaranteed supply chain ensure our superb product quality and fast delivery.

Third, LianTronics is building up globalization business network with localization service, like local offices/subsidiaries, local showrooms and local inventory in China, USA, Europe, Japan, etc. to offer local technical support, local delivery, as well as local installation guidance and maintenance.

Furthermore, as a state-level high-tech enterprise, LianTronics always keeps on developing cutting-edge technologies with more than 400 authorized patents, for example, energy-saving technologies, user health care solutions to lead the industry forward to more sustainable growth.LianTronics 3 HIWho is your product targeted to and what are its uses?

Positioned in mid-to-high-end market, LianTronics products are widely used in critical mission, municipal engineering, commercial property, exhibition hall, public security organs, transportation hub, VR education, broadcasting studios, video conference rooms, advertising media, etc.Liantronics 2 HIHow many divisions or categories do you have? What range do you fit?

We have developed a full-range product portfolio of “LED modules + LED panels + solutions”, with 6 product lines: professional display, universal display, commercial display, outdoor display, rental display and all-in-one meeting display. Meanwhile, we have strong capability in product and solution customization to meet the needs from customers worldwide.Liantronics 3 HIWhat price range is your catalog in?

It depends as we sell our products to global market.LianTronics 2 HIDo you offer an ‘after sales’ service?

Yes, we have a sound full-process service system for after-sales so that our customers can enjoy worry-free experience.

We provide 24/7 customer service support and once our engineer receives after-sales feedback from our customers, they will take quick respond within 4 hours. To cover the global market, we have set up 15+ international customer service centers, where resident engineers are available for quick dispatch.Liantronics 4 HIHow can we find more about your catalog and its purchase system?

You can visit our website for more information. You are welcomed to contact our sales team as you want or leave a message on our website or via email/call so that our sales will contact you as soon as possible.

Now a question related to Spain and other countries, do you have a distributor? Can we buy directly from your company? Are you interested in establishing a dealer in Spain? How?

Yes, generally speaking,we develop market together with our distributors. But sometimes clients prefer to buy from factory directly, that means they can take care of import,transport and most service by themselves or our distributor/service partner will help later.

Yes,we are trying to build more distributions in Spain,for retail, outdoor, events, sports and so on.LianTronics 5 HIIs there any noteworthy issue you would like to tell us about your company?

In ISE 2023, we will bring our up-to-date innovative “W”-3D Display Solution, self-developed COB-packaged Mini/Micro LEDs, xR LED studio, and many other newly released LED display products for retailing, sports, meeting and so on. The “W”-3D Display Solution is LianTronics’ latest cutting-edge glasses-free 3D solution, which is in unique "W" wave curved shape to deliver wow-effect & well-engaged contents for customers. With self-owned professional content production team and rich experience in glasses-free 3D LED creativity (LianTronics has conducted 30+ projects worldwide with a total area over 20000sqm), LianTronics offers world-class one-stop glasses-free 3D display solution service.

For COB-packaged Mini/Micro LED, LianTronics now has achieved scale production capability of its self-developed full-flip-chip-on-board (COB) LED display. It features unprecedented 170°+ broad view with immaculate image quality. Besides, its ultra-finer pixel pitch produces crystal-clear images in ultra-high resolution and over 10000:1 high contrast ratio for precise vibrant colors. The excellent heat dissipation and reinforced all-around protection enable stable running for long time. Quadruple Energy-Saving Technology helps reduce power consumption by 40%.LianTronics 4 HI

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