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ACCIÓ’s second ISE Open Innovation Challenge is now live and open for submissions from companies.


This business match-making service connects technology providers with businesses looking to purchase solutions. Meetings will take place in person at ISE 2023 at the Catalan Pavilion in Congress Square.


The ISE Open Innovation Challenge is hosted by ACCIÓ (the Catalonia Innovation Trade & Investment agency) and Enterprise Europe Network. For this, its second iteration, ACCIÓ is working with nine corporations looking for new technologies and solutions partners to help solve 21 challenges (listed below). ACCIÓ will manage meetings in person during ISE and online after the show has closed.

Technology providers that have the potential to help solve these challenges can now register to participate in the event and upload their details on the solutions they can provide. They will then be contacted and onsite face to face meetings will be scheduled by ACCIO to take place at the Fira de Barcelona during ISE between 31 January and 2 February 2023. All participants will receive a pass to attend ISE. Online meetings will take place on February 7 and 8. The scheme is open to exhibitors and attendees at ISE 2023.

This year, the variety of opportunities are from end-user organisations and cover healthcare, education, broadcast, furniture and interior design (decor) and a call for technologies to improve work-force mental health and to provide holograms, VR and 3D rendering solutions.


As the world’s epicentre of the audiovisual industry of the future, ISE is the best showcase for both companies that present their challenges and those that offer the best technological solutions for them. The solutions presented at the Open Innovation Challenge demonstrate how audiovisual technology can deeply transform business in areas such as education or health, explains Albert Castellanos, CEO of ACCIÓ.


Solutions required for furniture and decor industry challenges:


  • How can we help the customer to customize a project with digital tools?
  • How can we add value to our product by applying new technologies?



  • Help to create a training program on the use of 3D software, presentation of VR projects, mailing of orders to Antaix and furniture assembly.
  • Representation with holograms of furnishing projects that we can now present in Virtual Reality.


Kave Home:

  • Digitalization of the sale of furniture process via product configuration software.
  • Digital signage in stores.
  • Multi touch customer experience.


Solutions required for Health and personal care services challenges:


  • • Projects that promote mental health and wellbeing by creating more sustainable communities that improve people’s lives.


Fundació de Recerca Sant Joan de Deu:

  • Sign in APP: an innovative way to increase an emotionally balance workforce.
  • A way to reduce anxiety and stress in pediatric patients and families during the waiting time in the emergency box to have a better experience.


Solutions required for Education Technology challenges:

Additio App:

  • Personalization of learning through the recommendation of content based on the academic data of the students.
  • System for early detection of school dropout and absenteeism.



  • Augmented reality (AR) proposal.
  • Digital certificates using blockchain technology.
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS).
  • Analysis of emotions from images or videos.


Solutions required for Audiovisual challenges:


  • Looking for an innovative solution based on automatized image and/or text analysis to process data tagging.
  • Machine Learning and Music Metadata automated process.



  • Low-cost multi-channel encoder solution with automatic detection of video and audio signal quality issues.
  • Universal web-based remote-control device for set-top boxes/decoders with IR interface and management web tool for the network of decoders.
  • Low-cost custom Linux-based computer appliance for audio monitoring in public spaces.

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