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Datapath VSN controllers are engineered from the ground up for maximum performance, reliability, and efficiency.

They capture, process, and display content on video walls supporting a range of industries, from small corporate meeting rooms to large critical control rooms and prestige installations.


The next generation VSN includes support for a 12th generation (Alder Lake) Intel Core i9 processor, with memory options available up to 64GB (ECC and non ECC). USB 3.0 is also now included to support high transfer speeds and connectivity to the latest devices.


Each VSN can be customized with a range of with Datapath Image graphics, Vision capture, and SQX IP decode cards for specific project requirements of any size.

With the new 2023 models, the chassis has also been redesigned, optimizing airflow to improve heat management and reduce noise.

This new design, along with a new platinum rated redundant power supply, makes this the most efficient VSN to date. The new chassis also includes hot-swappable fans, enabling uninterrupted 24/7 use and maintenance in the most critical installations.


We have really enjoyed bringing our latest generation flagship processors to market. ISE is a great opportunity to do this, and we've gotten a lot of feedback from customers seeing the new VSN designs, said Matthew Tibbitt, Datapath product manager.


The latest derivative of Datapath's VSN processors, which will be available worldwide in the coming months, is the perfect partner for Datapath's Aetria solution for the design, operation and management of video content.

Datapath has had a fully operational Aetria demo suite at their ISE booth, where visitors have been given a personalized overview of their multi-award winning platform.


Their new SDVoE capture card was shown at the Datapath booth at ISE for the first time. Capable of dual 4k/60 capture, the VisionSC-S2 card meets the strict SDVoE Alliance parameters for minimal latency and high-quality resolution in real-time applications in verticals such as Medical, Oil & Gas, and Government.


Datapath ISE 2 HI

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