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Crestron Electronics previewed the company's vision for ISE 2023 and its new solutions.

Technology experiences are ingrained with familiar daily routines. Videoconferences have taken over the workday, automation installs have skyrocketed, and homeowners are spending more time in their residences than ever before.


The Crestron booth was packed with hands-on and experiential demos that allowed attendees to see how this company transforms the most mundane tasks and empowers everyone to come together in a way that sets them apart.



ISE is a unique show that allowed Crestron to showcase the breadth of our product portfolio from all aspects of the business in one booth. Our daily interactions with technology continue to affect the productivity of the workday and transform the way we relax at home. Immersive demonstrations in the booth highlighted the influence of technology on lives at home, in the office and even in the hotels where we may stay, said Brad Hintze, executive vice president of global marketing for Crestron.


Workplace Solutions that Work for You

Crestron continues to evolve and pave the way for the industry by adding software innovations that complement and integrate within the Crestron ecosystem.

Designed as a flexible, IT-friendly companion to its hardware counterpart, DM NVX® Software is the first of these platforms to set the stage for the future of Crestron solutions.

It delivers seamless HD video streaming and content from any source to any display straight from an existing PC or server with the highest quality possible. Crestron has also expanded its AV-over-IP offerings, adding a new strategic partnership with NETGEAR that will make select models of the M4250 line of switches available directly through Crestron.

The hybrid meeting experience is integral to every organization and will take precedence as the modern workplace continues to take shape. Meeting equity solutions like Crestron Sightline and the entire Crestron Flex Unified Communications lineup for rooms of any size will be on display to demonstrate the flexible applications that can take meetings to the next level from every space.

The latest Automate VX update has made meeting equity in any large space even easier. This update includes the Intelligent Video Room Designer tool, which overlays cameras and microphones on a room’s floor plan to help visualize the interactions between the cameras and the microphones before the design is deployed.

The responsive Live Mode from Automate VX also enables easy adjustments to shot angles and widths once the solution is deployed. Crestron’s newest bundle, featuring the Crestron AirMedia® wireless collaboration and Jabra® PanaCast 50 video bar, will also be in action for the first time, showing the end-to-end BYOD solution that empowers organizations to reconfigure their workplace for hybrid-first meetings.


Take Your Home to New Heights

Crestron continues to innovate more ways for dealers to bring the Crestron Home® OS experience into their customers’ homes.

The PC4-R is the latest addition to the Crestron Home Processor lineup. It provides a powerful Dell® microcomputer that comes pre-installed with the Crestron Home OS, secured and ready for operation right out of the box. This solution will be shipping in Q1, providing yet another option to deploy and configure with ease and speed.

The Crestron Home platform has become the go-to home automation platform for the smart home market. Strategic collaborations with key partners provide comfort and peace of mind with technology solutions that address human-centric lighting, thermal comfort, and air quality control.

Entertainment remains another key pillar of the residential product suite, with the Crestron DM NVX® AV-over-IP and DM NAX™ Audio-over-IP technology facilitating seamless transitions from room to room or powering a cohesive ambiance throughout the whole home.

The latest addition to the lineup is the DM NAX AMP-X300, a two-zone amp and Crestron’s most compact offering so far, which will make its debut on the show floor. This solution provides a flexible and scalable solution with a more granular system configuration, packing an extremely powerful solution into a space-saving size. Native to the entire Crestron AV-over-IP platform, this is the first Hi-Z (high impedance) DM NAX model, which provides an easy addition to landscape or surface mount speakers.

Following last year’s Crestron LED light fixture debut, Crestron has worked closely with several fixture manufacturers globally to allow even more design options with third-party partners.

Savage Marine is known for their specialization in designing high-quality lighting for the superyacht industry. They have developed standard, fixed, and directional spots using Crestron’s DMX-C solution, and a completely bespoke solution with many different luminaires, all working on the Crestron Home OS platform.

A Reinvigorated Approach to Hospitality

Crestron’s legacy in both the residential and commercial markets poises the company to deliver the only fully integrated control solution for the hospitality industry.

Since the first installation at the iconic New York Palace Hotel in 1992, Crestron has been enhancing the hospitality experience across guest rooms, ballrooms, meeting rooms, spas, and everything in between for some of the world’s most prestigious hotels.

For the first time, Crestron has demonstrated a fresh and focused focus on the hospitality space, showing attendees how to transform the guest experience from check-in through stay.Crestron ISE DM NVX Software 2 HI

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