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A major chain of retail furniture stores turned to ZeeVee to keep customers connected.

They required not only a digital signage solution to provide information but more importantly the ability to quickly provide video to entertain its youngest customers – children shopping with their parents. 

Goals for the digital signage solution:

  • Cost-effectively deploy both digital signage and video entertainment across the entire showroom.
  • Quickly change from signage to entertainment at the individual display level.
  • Simply add, remove or relocate displays as needed.


Similar to most furniture stores, this retailer had a very large footprint with a desire to deploy both digital signage and entertainment to displays around the entire showroom.


This required a two-channel system that could easily be controlled at the screen. And, given the nature of furniture stores in general, the pure size of the showroom with an ever-changing layout, the solution enough to accommodate the constant ZeeVee’s ZvPro Series of high performance, low channel count suited video distribution system for deploying digital signage and video entertainment based on quality, this retailer.

The ZvPro Series delivers uncompromising HD video and digital signage distribution over existing coax cabling from HDMI sources. Modulator allows for easy distribution of content up to 1080p resolution, to an unlimited number of displays, using the TV’s built-in QAM tuner, eliminating the need for cumbersome, expensive set-top-boxes or media players at each display. By leveraging the existing coax infrastructure, the customer was able to rapidly deploy this new hybrid digital signage and entertainment system across their entire national footprint in a matter of weeks.

In addition to rapid deployment, the customer saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in wiring and equipment costs by eliminating the need to rewire each facility and eliminating the signage media players that would have been required in multiple locations throughout each store. Looking ahead, the retailer will also save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the installations when they conduct their showroom remodels throughout the year because of the simplicity to add, remove or relocate displays.

By installing a system that is capable of delivering both digital signage and video, the retailer was able to leverage digital signage for up-to-the-minute information regarding sales and promotions, and quickly switch to video while families shopped, allowing children to be entertained giving the parents the time they need to make informed purchase decisions in a low-stress environment.

As a result, sales representatives were able to engage consumers more effectively making the buying experience more enjoyable for their customers.


With its unsurpassed RF capability, customers looking to future-proof AV deployments can now purchase the ZvPro 820 in an iSeries model, which adds simultaneous IP streaming capability. The iSeries bridges the gap between traditional video deployments and video-over-IP deployments, meaning the investment made today remains viable for years to come.

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