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From the ISP Integration Magazine, we collected the impressions of Mike Blackman, Managing Director of ISE

Audio technology. Trends

Attracting people back has been a priority for venues and audio played a huge role here. Venues have been experimenting with immersive sound systems using beamforming or spatial audio techniques. These systems go way beyond the 22.2 channels of Dolby Atmos and construct a 3D sound field using one or more arrays of loudspeakers.

To integrate and run such complex sound systems, the industry is turning to a new generation of networked AV. The demand as ever is for stable, reliable performance. Many large audio brands are aligning with open-source technologies that establish such high-quality standards. There are lots of great options available. Visiting ISE 2023 helped you to evaluate the options and decide which one is right for your next application.


Which audio technologies were making an impact at ISE 2023?

Digital signal processors (DSPs) have grown to become a vital touchpoint for user experiences, enabling brands to take share across a range of devices within the wider pro-audio market. The installed commercial segment is the largest opportunity for DSP by a considerable margin, largely driven by conferencing and remote collaboration.

Corporate, higher education and government segments have all shown significant adoption of remote collaboration technologies. In many cases, DSP represents a vital part of these applications – especially in the case of larger rooms and auditoria. Retail, hospitality and transport are also important commercial applications for DSP, despite a notable decline during 2020.

Audio is key to a total integrated AV experience whatever the setting. That’s why the ISE Audio Zone was packed with solutions for every market sector for all sizes of project and any type of application. ISE 2023 covered the entire audio signal chain from microphones to loudspeakers and everything in between. 

New for 2023 were the Audio Demo Suites which could be experienced in Hall 8.0, with exhibitors included Martin Audio, Void Acoustics, AED and d&b.


Other technologies & ISE 2023

Once again, we are using Technology Zones to group together exhibitors with similar technologies; this approach makes it easier for attendees to find and compare the solutions they are looking for and saves them time. The Technology Zones are:

  • Unified Communications (Hall 2)
  • Education Technology (Hall 2)
  • Residential & Smart Building (Hall 2)
  • Multi Technology (Halls 3 & 5)
  • Digital Signage & DooH (Hall 6)
  • NEW Content Production and Distribution (Hall 6)
  • Audio (Hall 7) and NEW Audio Demo Rooms (Hall 8.0)
  • Lighting & Staging (Hall 7)


News that was seen this year at the show

New to ISE 2023, the Content Production & Distribution Technology Zone in Hall 6 highlighted technologies and solutions used in content production and distribution.

An additional 70 exhibitors can be found in the other halls reflected this as a growing market sector for AV systems integration professionals. Also new were the Audio Demo Suites in Hall 8.0, with exhibitors included Martin Audio, Holoplot, Void Acoustics, AED and d&b audiotechnik.


Appointments that were essential in ISE 2023

BK Johannessen, Unreal Engine Business Director for Broadcast and Live Events at Epic Games, was the Keynote Speaker at the ISE 2023. The keynote titled All Paths Lead to Real-Time took place at 17:15 on Tuesday 31 January in the Conference Suite CC4.1.

On Thursday 2 February at 17:15 Fran Chaun, founder of Innoquotient, presented How Innovative is the AV Industry in ISE’s second scheduled keynote. Taking a deep dive into the reality of our industry based on insightful surveys, and exploring where the AV industry may fall down, or rise above, when it comes to innovation.


About the conference program

There was also offered a comprehensive four-day conference programme, as curated by ISE co-owners CEDIA and AVIXA, ran alongside the show. The highly anticipated conference agenda will consisted of:

  • Smart Building Conference
  • Digital Signage Summit
  • Control Rooms Summit
  • Content Production & Distribution Summit
  • Smart Home Technology Conference produced by CEDIA
  • Education Technology Summit
  • Smart Workplace Summit
  • Live Events Summit


This year conferences took place away from the bustle of the show floor. Located in two CC Suite rooms above the show floor, the new space provided a dedicated area for absorbing high-impact panel discussions and thought-provoking keynotes.


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