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The LIGHTSHARK CORE iO, a new lighting console from LIGHTSHARK, has won a coveted Best of Show award at ISE 2023.


The award, presented on behalf of Future Publishing in the Installation category, recognises the technical innovation behind LIGHTSHARK CORE iO and the beneficial impact it will deliver to AV system integrators around the world.


This award is an honour and also a terrific endorsement for the latest addition to our popular LIGHTSHARK range of DMX-based hardware lighting consoles. LIGHTSHARK has already changed the world of traditional lighting control systems and, as a company, we are committed to adding new products and features that will make life easier for our customers and further enhance their creativity, says Juan Jose Vila, CEO of LIGHTHARK’s parent company Equipson. 


LightShark ISE 2 HIThe LIGHTSHARK range gives users hardware consoles with a web-based interface that is accessible from any smart device such as Smartphones, Tablets and Computers.

On show for the first time at ISE 2023, the LIGHTSHARK CORE iO console supports most protocols (DMX512, ArtNet, sACN, MIDI, UDP, OSC and HTTP), and is also compatible with integration systems such as CRESTRON, AMX or Control 4 via GPIO ports and the implementation of RS-232 and RS-485 protocols. It also features a dedicated Alarm Port that allows users to prioritize a specific state over scenes playing at that time and incorporates a real-time clock that maintains time accuracy for up to 5 years.

From the outset, the LIGHTSHARK range has combined the versatility of a software solution with the ergonomics and ease of use of physical consoles.


It is constantly evolving to meet the demands and needs of users, and now incorporates products such as the LS1, LS CORE and LS CORE iO hardware consoles, the LS WING an expansion module that can also function as a controller for other devices, and the LS NODES, fully configurable multi-function devices that can act as a ArtNet Node, Splitters and DMX512 Merger or Back-up Switcher.

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