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Following the successful furnishing of the Crestron Experience Center, Holzmedia GmbH equipped Crestron at ISE.


As a result, Crestron presented complete room solutions that represented the perfect combination of high-quality technology components with premium furniture.

And this is very impressive both functionally and in terms of design, but above all in daily use - and soon, to be experienced in Brussels, Paris, Milan, London, among others.


In the same context, this conceptual approach was also implemented for the ISE at the Crestron booth. In various rooms and meeting points, visitors could experience real working scenarios in an exemplary way enjoying the product combination of two top brands.


From general networking to conceptual interaction

The basis for the intensive, international cooperation of Crestron and Holzmedia today was initially the parallel commitment in the "partner network" with other sustainable AV brands aimed at the German market, such as Fohhn, Shure, Wolfvision as well as Unilumin Sharp/NEC and Epson, as well as in the association of the media planner conference.

Crestron and Holzmedia are both committed to a trusting collaboration - always backed by its success and the positive experience in sales. And this is now being purposefully continued on an international level - with both companies remaining completely independent in terms of sales and operations.

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