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In the past five years, technology is the focus, and in the next five years, application is the focus.

Miniaturization is the most prominent development trend in the past five years. It not only promoted a series of technological and product reforms, but also brought huge potential development opportunities to the LED display industry.


In the next five years, the industry's attention will be focused on the innovative application of LED displays, looking forward to entering the consumer market and getting closer to people's daily lives, so as to turn the potential development opportunities brought by technology into reality.


Joe Zou, Novastar sales manager for Latin America, claimed:


Market gets more active, customers are now working on many new projects, they do need latest and complete solutions for the projects, like all-in-one devices. The big companies do have advantages to get projects because of the products they have, so more companies are trying buy more stock too.


Customer behavior and needs

Trends: First, LED screens are entering the consumer market, especially the home market, and second, LED is pioneering innovative applications that are moving in the direction of metaverse, such as immersive displays that are deeply realistic.

Product/technology: high quality, human-screen interactive technology, the control system moves onto microchips and control system solution in higher integration, etc.

Through the process of development, we could clearly see this impact.

  • Stage 1: The miniaturization of LED screen. The pitch becomes smaller, the chip becomes smaller, the mass transfer, etc. At the same time, the COB form appears and becomes accepted by people;
  • Stage 2: The overall development of ultra-large loading technology, correction technology, and image quality processing technology (scaling, grayscale processing, color management, dynamic engine, SDR to HDR), meet and lead people's pursuit of immersion;
  • Stage 3: Screens bring more pixels and better pixels.


Novastar's challenges in the face of new trends in the audiovisual market

NovaStar decided to approach the market in a different way than other companies in the industry. Rather than simply creating a variety of LED control products, we first analyze the needs of various applications and then create a series of products tailored to the specific needs of the application.

These tailored solutions include low latency, stage rental, digital signage and more, and make it easier for clients to find a solution that works for their specific application.


NovaStar will re-engage with its customers and clients after the pandemic: accelerate and strengthen the construction of global service network; deepen the sinking of brand channel construction (country---key city----second-tier city---third-tier city...); and, strengthen market segment expansion.

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