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INFILED partnered with Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe University at FMX, in April in Germany.


This partnership enhances INFiLED´s commitment tofostering innovation and excellence in all aspects as a recognition of the value of supporting emerging talent and promoting a collaborative environment that enhances innovation.


The projects of the university's media production department have been a testament to the creativity of the students who have been working tirelessly to create unique and engaging content with the support of INFiLED for display at the FMX event.


Partnership Purpose

The partnership between the university media production department and INFiLED aims to create a synergy that raises their commitment to innovation.

Furthermore, this partnership will allow the university students gain invaluable hands-on experience working on real-world challenges and collaborating with industry partners, which will prepare themfor success in their future careers.

In conclusion, the partnership between the TH OWL media production department, and INFiLED represents a commitment to fostering innovation and providing our students with the best possible education and preparation for success in their future careers.


We are excited to partner with INFiLED and be able to bring our students' work to a wider audience. Visitors to the stand had the opportunity to experience first-hand the high-quality production value and innovative concepts that the university students have developed. We believe his work represents the future of media production, and we are excited to share it with everyone among the best LED technology, shares Professor Rico Dober.


INFiLED ´s Product at FMX

The solution that INFiLED presented at FMX, was a 4x5m XR studio that consists of a virtual background with a pixel pitch of 2.6mm. The XR studio offers customers the opportunity to experience a real-time demonstration of advanced filmmaking and broadcast capabilities.

Using Brompton’s Tessera S8 processing system, the INFiLED Virtual Background, is an ideal choice because of its high scan rate, high frame rate, ultra low latency, exclusive black LEDs, which ensure high contrast, bright colors, and a cinematic look without the undesired moiré effect.

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