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The LSK series from LAMPRO is designed to meet the needs of outdoor commercial display.

It features fine pixel pitch and is available in 2.6mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm and 5.9mm, to attract viewers with content brought to life.

The stunning visuals of LSK series pack a punch with passing pedestrians, maximizing your outdoor advertisement value when in position as street signage. An ultra-wide viewing angle contributes to the visual value, which offers 160-degree visibility on both the horizontal and the vertical plane. Ultra-high flatness of image and a 3840Hz refresh rate ensure that the image is available on the eye from all sides and every angle.

LAMPRO’s LSK series is housed in a small and ultra-light cabinet, which features a slim design to integrate easily into its surroundings. At a total thickness of just 82mm, the display weighs in at a featherweight around 14.2Kg, with screen size options of 500mm x 1000mm or 500mm x 750mm. Suiting a wide range of outdoor applications, the small and light, die-casting aluminium cabinet ensures easy installation as well as reduced transportation costs.

The die-casting cabinet provides robust housing for the LSK series, and is infused with multiple safety designs to achieve superior IP65 protection for stable operational performance. The hollow structure of the cabinet allows a large air convection area for quick heat dissipation, ensuring fully functioning operation in severe environments. Similarly, the power supply is placed close to the back cover of the control box to speed up internal heat dissipation.

The cabinet design also confers its stability with its bottom positioning pin, which not only contributes to the correction of the display to achieve ultra-high flatness but ensures an anti-collision performance. The design avoids any damage to the lamp beads that can be caused if the display bumps against the ground during installation. Product protection is augmented with the industry’s first anti-drop structure design, also featuring a patented module lock with one-key reset in combination with magnetic suction.


For outdoor commercial display, positioning is everything and the LSK Series is packed with the capabilities for multiple installation methods for a variety of application scenarios.


It can be embedded into a wall for a fully flat and integrated finish. This installation method bestows a luxury, high-ticket look to the screen and its content. At the same time, the ultra-thin display is simple to mount and takes up no extra space devoted to pedestrian traffic.LAMPRO LSK 2 HIThe LSK series can be mounted in a hanging position as well, which makes it a popular choice in sporting venues and stadiums where it serves as scoreboard facilities alongside attention-graphic promotional and informational content for the crowd. The ultra-clear and high-definition graphic capabilities of the display also recommend it for festival and outdoor stage replay and visual support.LAMPRO LSK 3 HIThe option to surface mount with LSK Series is also available, which opens up opportunities of its use in street signage and positions of Point of Sale. Its super slim design makes it a perfect choice for a multitude of uses, such as guide boards with added sponsorship messages or a highly effective and attention-grabbing informational advertising board at a transport station.

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