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Audix will showcase its integration and installation solutions for meetings, conferencing, and streaming at InfoComm.



InfoComm attendees are invited to booth 5249 to audition microphones, meet the Audix team in person, and enjoy live-streamed demos that showcase the audio quality and consistency of Audix products in a remote context.


For corporate meetings, classes, webcasts, and similar needs, Audix ensures the absolute best sound capture at the source, no matter the application. Audix products on display include the M45, M3WDK, and M70WD ceiling-mount mics; the MicroPod, M65, and USB12 tabletop mics; the M60 and M63 tabletop boundary mics, and the GS1 wall-mount mic.

Finally, the DN4 and DN43 audio interfaces bring microphones into Dante® and AES67 audio-over-IP networks, making routing, mixing, and ’casting as easy as plugging into an Ethernet port. What’s more, all Audix microphones described herein are virtually immune to RF interference from smartphones or passing two-way radios.Audix Infocomm 4 HI

The demo

Every hour on the hour (except for the opening and closing times of the InfoComm exhibit floor), Audix regional sales manager Lofty Whitaker will livestream a demonstration of the above mics and more from our headquarters in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Participants can expect to be surprised by how clear all the mics sound capturing speech as well as the sonic consistency from one mic to the next — and to receive a crash course in which mics are best for their particular rooms and applications.


Raising the ceiling

When microphones need to stay out of the way yet pick up multiple speakers in a given area, ceiling mounting is the way to go. All Audix ceiling mics are optimized for vocal intelligibility and pickup as far away as ten feet above the tabletop.

For miking from a distance, the M45 “Shortgun” is a miniature shotgun mic that evenly covers an area up to 15 feet wide and 25 feet deep due to its high sensitivity. It swivels and pivots for precise aiming. If getting closer to the subject(s) is desired, the M3 is a pendant-style mic that not only looks great but also may be pulled down or retracted up, much like a mid-century-modern pendant lamp.

Inside, three mic elements ensure consistent pickup of everyone around a conference table, and internal strain relief means the M3 can be raised and lowered day in and day out with no fears of malfunction. Need a microphone that stays almost invisible? The M70WD mounts flush to the ceiling yet is aimable through a 45-degree arc via an internal cradle. It’s designed for use with Audix Dante | AES67 microphone systems such as the DN4.Audix Infocomm 2 HI

It’s all on the table

Tabletop microphones are easily adjustable and convenient. Audix solutions at the show for table, podium, and fixed surfaces include the following.

Ideal for a boardroom where meeting attendees may wish to alternately speak and mute themselves, The Audix MicroPod 6 pairs a gooseneck of six inches with the M1250B miniature condenser mic and optionally the ATS10 tabletop base (with lit on/off switch) or DCLIP adaptor for standard mic stands. Thanks to interchangeable capsules, the M1250B can be optimized for a single speaker, broad area coverage, or distance.

For permanent fixture of a microphone to a work surface, the M65 was originally designed for the New York State Assembly. It mounts easily into a 1-1/4-inch aperture without additional tools and captures super-intelligible speech.

Range and plug-and-play USB connectivity are the strong suits of the USB12. For meetings that use remote software such as Zoom, it can be placed at a moderate distance from the speaker — say, between two computer displays — and still capture crystal-clear speech.


Pushing the boundaries

Boundary mics hear what the surface they’re placed on “hears” and reduce interference from reflected sound. For multiple speakers, a pair of M60 placed back-to-back in the middle of a meeting table is an ideal solution. For a single speaker, the M63 boasts the first internal shock mount in a boundary mic, as well as a push-to-talk button. Plus, its internal shock mount minimizes unwanted noise from tabletop vibrations.Audix Infocomm 3 HI

(Not) Talking to a Wall

Why a wall-mount microphone? The GS1 was originally created for U.S. embassies, specifically to let visitors speak with employees through a reinforced security window. This makes it ideal for banks, correctional facilities, lobbies of government agencies, or any other environment where two parties need to converse clearly while prioritizing safety.


Audio networking solutions made easy

Finally, Audix will show their powerful array of audio networking solutions at InfoComm. Benefits of networked audio include the ability to route any source (such as music or a person speaking) to any destination (such as a listening room or pair of headphones).

Once the customer-facing solution is deployed, this is often as simple as using an iPad app or dedicated touchscreen, and the user does not have to be a sound engineer to master the system. Best of all, the Ethernet ports and wiring it employs are usually already in the office, school, church, or other venue where it’s needed.


This entire powerful range of Audix microphone solutions for integrators and installation applications truly offers something for everyone and may be seen and heard at booth 5249 during InfoComm 2023. Again, Audix will be most pleased to share our passion and our technology with attendees in person!

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