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Daktronics showcased the latest in dvLED products and technology, as well as advancements in the AV channel, at InfoComm 2023.

The AV industry craved tighter and tighter pixel spacings to deliver more versatile, better-looking products for a wide range of applications. These requirements pushed dvLED (direct view LED) into the forefront of AV professionals' minds when they sought products to meet their needs. As a result, Daktronics continued to innovate and engineer solutions to meet those ever-evolving needs.


We were here to serve our AV integrator partners with the best possible LED solutions. Whether it meant innovating new dvLED options in our product lines or delivering better, faster ways for AV teams to install our products so they were up and running for their customers, we stepped up to the plate to build those solutions and help make their lives easier on the project site, said Jim Vasgaard, Daktronics' national sales manager for the AV sales channel.


With the ever-tighter pixel pitches in mind, the company featured two displays with pixels spaced less than one millimeter apart at 0.7- and 0.9-millimeter pixel spacings. These displays featured IMD (Integrated Matrix Device) technology, consisting of red, green, and blue pixels mounted in a 2x2 array to achieve extremely close pixel spacing. Additionally, the company showcased an LED floor screen that attendees could walk on, introducing a special wow factor for advanced applications.


Not long ago, Daktronics introduced a speed frame wall mounting process that streamlined installations, taking nearly half the time compared to traditional methods.


The company also brought an all-in-one smart display line to the market for quick and easy installation of fine pitch LED products.


These recent developments were part of our company's long-standing dedication to learning from the AV market in order to deliver the best possible products and services, added Vasgaard. 

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