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Digital advertising has become an essential tool for companies that want to stand out.

With the growing influence of technology and the prevalence of electronic devices, it has evolved into new formats. The ability to reach a target audience quickly and effectively, with personalized and visually appealing messages, has led to its expansion and massive adoption in various industries. This new advertising approach allows companies to maximize the potential of technology to connect with their audience and achieve outstanding business results.


In line with this, Hikvision presents the LED poster DS-D4212MI-070(B), a true revolution in its firm commitment to the Display sector. This third- generation device combines innovative design, powerful display, and remote management to offer an unprecedented advertising experience.


With the aim of providing a complete advertising solution, it features an all-in-one design that integrates digital advertising functions, dynamic display, and content management. Thanks to its sleek and versatile design, this LED poster seamlessly adapts to any commercial environment, whether mounted on the wall, on the floor, or even with wheels for flexible mobility.Hikvision poster 2 HIOne of its standout features is its powerful display. With a resolution of 480x1350 and the ability to connect up to 10 screens for a resolution of 1080p, it offers an immersive and captivating visual experience. Thanks to its dual-color technology and butterfly-shaped magnetic bezel design, it allows for a seamless combination of multiple screens without interruptions, providing clear and sharp images from any viewing angle.

Its remote management facilitates content control and updates. Through various options such as local storage, USB drives, mobile clients, PC clients, and Hik-Cloud, users can easily and conveniently control and manage the content. This capability enables quick display of advertising messages, ensuring the relevance and continuous impact of the campaign.

The product's ultra-thin design, with a thickness of only 28mm at the narrowest points, makes it an aesthetic and discreet choice for any commercial environment. Its high adaptability allows it to be wall- mounted, floor-mounted, placed on mobile stands with wheels, and even suspended on hanging mounts.

In conclusion, Hikvision's LED poster DS-D4212MI-070(B) represents the cutting edge of digital advertising. With its innovative design, powerful display, remote management, and great adaptability, this device offers companies a complete and effective solution to stand out and capture the attention of their audience. If you are looking to maximize the impact of your messages and achieve outstanding business results, it is the ideal choice.

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