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World’s proven best color accuracy and TAA compliant product.


Neoti announces the release of UHD Pro, an ultra-fine pixel pitch product line that is TAA compliant, and with optional features for added security where required. The enhanced proprietary color features are unparalleled and have made this product the choice for everything from automotive design studios to art exhibitions.

Neoti launched the UHD Pro series at NAB and InfoComm 2023 to great accolades. Clients appreciated having a US-based manufacturer for their LED displays requiring TAA compliance at a level Neoti calls 100% Pure Logic. Additional, more confidential features make UHD Pro the natural choice for high-security, command-and-control operational situations.


We live in a time where access to critical information can be a matter of life and death. We introduced our TAA compliant UHD Pro line so that mission-critical information can now be displayed on the highest quality LED available in the market. The details matter, red should be red, blue should be blue. Our LED technology ensures that the absolute best imagery and color reproduction are available to decision-makers, says Derek Myers, Neoti CEO. 


Neoti UHD Pro 1 HI   Neoti UHD Pro 2 HI


UHD Pro does not modify the input signal as other systems do, the control software works harmoniously with all the LED hardware to preserve the integrity of the original content, thus being capable of delivering true-to- life imagery. Proprietary dynamic thermo and line compensation deliver perfect color management and image homogeneity. The gamma correction technology achieves the purest black levels and gradients at extremely low brightness.

The robust color features are why UHD Pro is winning shoot-outs for design centers, immersive art exhibitions, huge broadcast studios and more.


Exact color matching is hard to achieve in LED, but the proprietary technology delivers an exact match to the color the originator intended, even in low brightness situations. Ideal for applications where exact logo colors are required, or visibility where light levels are low or continually changing.

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