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The dual jacket version of the SC-MERCATOR CAT.6a PROFLEX patch cable by Sommer cable hits the scene.


Many applications require cables with enhanced flexibility – which in turn may affect the durability of a cable.


With these facts in mind, Sommer cable has developed an excellent solution and fitted their SC-MERCATOR CAT.6a PROFLEX network cable with a dual jacket construction to combine maximum flexibility with ultimate ruggedness.


The cable with its outer diameter of 8.7 mm (0.34“) features a cold-flexible soft PVC jacket that is extruded in two work steps. The outer jacket is applied like a tube to keep the wire pairs in a tight position even when in motion. The second, inner jacket serves as an extra protection against abrasion, pressure or kinks or as a reset force to maintain flexibility – for very good reeling properties and only little memory effect without causing annoying loops and trip hazards. The S/FTP construction with the high cross-section of AWG24/7 also works without hesitation over longer distances.

Users who find conventional CAT cables too stiff can fall back on this PROFLEX variant with its high-quality mat finish. However, one must take into account that this design represents a compromise between rigid standard lines and heavy-duty cables with an adamant PUR jacket. For applications under high pressure, strong tensile forces and temperatures below freezing point the manufacturer recommends a PUR version.

With the RJ45 ONESIZE plug RJ45C6XL (optionally with HICON HI-C6XL-HD protective sleeve), which can be mounted without tools, or the NE8MX6 from NEUTRIK, Sommer cable also has perfectly matching connectors in its range. 

The PROFLEX cable is ideally suited for use in live entertainment and studio applications, as well as for industrial applications. Most current standards are supported, such as 10GBaseT & 1GBaseT Ethernet, Dante, AVB, ACE, GigaACE, ARTNET, MA-Net, HDBaseT.

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