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Mexico, Meeting Point for Audiovisual Integrators: IntegraTEC 2023. ISP Integración Magazine, booth 627.


Visit the booth of ISP Integración Magazine at IntegraTEC Mexico during August 16th to 18th, 2023.

The hotel industry has found an ally in technology-focused SMEs for enhancing their offerings through solutions that increase guest satisfaction and environmental improvements. This was highlighted by IntegraTEC, the only annual regional trade fair for AV/Lighting, Broadcast, Automation, and DataComm technology with a 15-year history in Mexico and LATAM.

According to the organization under LatinPress, SMEs are playing a pivotal role in the post-pandemic recovery of the hotel sector. This is evident in the participation of integrator companies, including installers, engineers, and specialized personnel in implementing technological solutions that enable hotel complexes to offer enhanced experiences. These experiences are largely based on signage, audiovisual resources, and connectivity, contributing to a 10% growth in the digital signage market between 2019 and 2021, as reported in their 2022 study.

The latest survey by Latin Market Research, Audiovisual Integrators Market Study in Latin America 2023, revealed that the hospitality sector represented 7.1% of the major Audio and Video (AVI) project segments in Mexico and 6% in Latin America in 2022. This was lower compared to verticals such as Corporate, Education, or Government, according to the surveyed integrators.

Florian Rotberg, owner of Invidis Consulting based in Munich, Germany, stated, "To succeed in the market and survive, digital signage integrators need to offer more than just technology. (They must) step out of their technological comfort zone, analyze the customer's needs and business, and develop concepts accordingly".

These efforts hold significant importance for a vibrant hotel sector striving to regain its pre-pandemic strength, even in uncertain economic times. The specialist noted that the Latin American digital signage market is experiencing record-level orders, although hindered by supply chain complications. Specifically, in verticals such as hotels and transportation, these segments still lag behind pre-pandemic levels. Nonetheless, they are moving towards a positive outlook for the electronic signage industry. Integratec Pymes 1 HI

SMEs and their professionalization in this recovery

The main challenge for integrator SMEs serving hotel complexes lies in improving their professional processes.

One of the primary hurdles faced by integrator-founded SMEs is the lack of structured work methodologies, often being perceived solely as technology providers. It is recommended to first focus on personnel and establish a foundation in disciplines ranging from administration, finance, accounting, operations, customer service, legal matters, human resources, and sales. These aspects should be supported by experts and specialists in each field.

Around 59% of new integrator SMEs without these foundations tend to disappear in Latam within 5 years. Among the companies that don't survive, over 80% fail due to not meeting their commercial goals – they struggle to sell or lack effective sales techniques.


Sales training is necessary; sometimes, sales are hindered by the salesperson themselves. Even for closed deals, excessive persistence or unprepared questions can generate doubts and lead to losses. If technology integration companies had sales fundamentals, over 50% of them would experience greater profitability, sustain their businesses, and achieve higher customer satisfaction.


To be competitive in the hotel sector, even small or new SMEs can equip themselves with tools that rival large global corporations. According to Cortés, this can be achieved through clear methodologies within teams and obtaining certifications like ISO or compliance with official norms.

All of this is in a sector that, according to the consulting firm International Hotel Consulting Services, generates over 4 million jobs across the country and contributes slightly over 4% to the national GDP. The hotels themselves represent 28.7% of Mexico's tourist GDP.


This year, the trade fair taking place from August 16th to 18th, 2023, will emphasize the hotel industry due to its connection to the fair's main themes including audio, video, lighting, connectivity, and digital signage. The hotel industry is considered one that requires cutting-edge solutions for its operation and to enhance guest satisfaction.

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