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INFiLED made a great display solution for The World Climate Industry EXPO (WCE 2023) in Busan, South Korea.

The solution included building GXII series screens for the event's forum A New Climate and setting up another set of screens with the same series for the WCE Business Summit Session.

WCE 2023 is an international conference advocating the reduction of carbon emissions and the promotion of new energy. It is committed to bringing environmental organizations around the world to work together to make a common commitment to improving the climate.

Infiled WCE 2 HI   Infiled WCE 3 HI


Based on this background, INFiLED was selected as the display equipment provider for the event on account of its concern with environmental protection and actively taking emission-reduction measures.


On the stage of the A New Climate forum initiated by The New York Times, a GXII series screen with a size of 8m*4m was set in the center of it. The screen with a fine pixel pitch of 3.9mm was used to demonstrate climate change issues of public concern. It presented the content in high definition, making it easy for the audience to view and participate in the discussion. In addition, small GXII screens were installed on both sides of the stage to convey important information.

Infiled WCE 4 HI   Infiled WCE 5 HI


Similar to the forum, WCE 2023 Business Summit Session also applied the GXII series to produce the stage display solution. A large screen was set up at the session site, and there were two small screens next to it. These screens featured a refresh rate of 3840Hz and 14bits grayscale, ensuring smooth playback of video content and accurate reproduction of colors. During the session, the screens operated stably, showing delicate and vivid pictures, and supporting the session content presentation.

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