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Versatile, scalable 4K transmitter heads list of new capabilities for award-winning control room solution

Datapath has announced additional functionality and capability to its Aetria solution which further enables control rooms to benefit from Datapath’s ‘anything , anywhere’ ethos. Aetria – Datapath’s unique solution for multi-point video management and control – has introduced the Aligo TX100, along with multi-head source support for its Arqa workstation, plus remote shutdown, reboot, and power up of Aetria Wall Controllers that combine to take Aetria capabilities further than ever before.

Datapath ControlRoom product 

These latest innovations bring even broader scope to managing video sources, as well as providing end users with a more efficient, clutter-free and eco-friendly control room environment.
Aligo TX100 Quad HD / Single 4K AVoIP transmitter. The Aligo TX100 is a highly scalable transmitter which can ingest a single 4K source, or up to four independent HD sources for IP distribution to any suitable endpoint in an Aetria solution. Each source also has a dedicated USB connection for independent KVM control.


Alongside the visually-lossless stream of each connected source, Datapath’s SQX technology provides a simultaneous compressed stream for transmission across low-bandwidth networks, integration with third-party systems, or archiving.


With a single 10Gb connection to the AV network, the Aligo TX100 provides a cost-effective solution for bringing HD sources into Aetria. Routing up to four independent HD sources over the 10Gb connection reduces the cabling and switch ports required.


Datapath 2323ControlRoom productH.264 & H.265 IP Encode, Distribution, and Display
With support for the ActiveSQX2 IP encode/decode card, Aetria now provides capabilities for encoding content to h.264 or h.265. Encoded streams can be unicast or multicast across the Aetria network, then decoded for display and monitoring on configured video walls and operator workstations. Streams can be encrypted as needed to provide enterprise-grade security when encoding and transmitting content between endpoints.

Multi-head source support for Arqa workstation
Sources with multiple graphics outputs (multi-head) are now supported in Datapath’s Arqa workstation, where operators can access them with full keyboard and mouse control. Multi-headed sources can also be displayed on Aetria Wall Controllers either individually or collectively as part of a pre-configured Window.

This provides more flexibility for the user, as well as freeing up desktop real estate with considerable savings on additional screen investment costs and, of course, their subsequent power usage.

Remote shutdown, reboot, and power up of Aetria Wall Controllers
Video wall controllers connected to the Aetria system can now be shutdown, rebooted, or started (via Wake-on-LAN) from Aetria Command Center.

This can be useful when installing and configuring video wall controllers that are located away from the video wall screens. It can also be used to allow equipment to be easily powered down when not in use to save energy, allowing for a quick and efficient energy saving process for non 24/7/365 operations.

These latest advancements are available now. To learn more, along with Datapath’s broad range of licensing options for Aetria, please visit or speak to your area account manager.