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The unstoppable rise of the eSports sector has transformed the current entertainment landscape.

What began as a niche hobby has turned into a multi-billion-dollar industry, capable of filling stadiums and conquering global audiences. Faced with this surge in demand in the eSports sector, Unisport Management School, the business school in the sports industry, and Team Heretics, a recognized organization dedicated to eSports entertainment and content generation, join forces to promote the training of highly skilled professionals in eSports, a growing sector.

In a constantly evolving market, the need for professionals with updated knowledge is essential to continue advancing and meeting the changing demands, both in terms of technology and professionalization, as well as in audience preferences. In 2022, the video game industry reached a revenue of 2,012 million euros in Spain and experienced a 12% growth compared to the previous year, according to the Anuario de la industria del videojuego en España en 2022 prepared by the Spanish Video Game Association.

Therefore, the collaboration between Team Heretics and Unisport focuses on closing this gap and equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this highly competitive field. In the words of Diego Soro, Chief Strategy Officer of Team Heretics:


For Team Heretics, this agreement means being able to train future professionals within our sector in partnership with a leading education company, incorporating our knowledge into cutting-edge content.


Soro emphasizes that the eSports sector is so immature that many roles are not filled by industry-native professionals, and they need to look to other sectors to find them.

Regarding future prospects, the growing demand for various roles within eSports is becoming increasingly evident. Professionals are needed not only in traditional areas such as marketing departments but also in emerging fields like artificial intelligence and data analytics. This collaboration is seen as a comprehensive solution for training individuals capable of facing the challenges and opportunities that these new profiles will demand.


The agreement with Heretics will primarily benefit our students by guaranteeing the technical validation of Unisport's program content by the most important organization in the Spanish-speaking world dedicated to eSports entertainment and content generation. Access to exclusive masterclasses and internships at Team Heretics will also be provided through the agreement, highlighted Marc Armengol, CEO of Unisport.


Why Choose eSports as a Career?

According to The eSports Guide 2022, produced by AEVI and ISFE Esports, the eSports economy is driven by the audience. Additionally, the video game and eSports analytics company Newzoo estimates that the total number of eSports enthusiasts worldwide will grow to reach 285.7 million by 2024, while the total audience with occasional viewers will be around 577.2 million in 2024. Furthermore, the presence of digital sports varies in different territories, with 88 million enthusiasts in China, 46.4 million in the rest of Asia-Pacific, 29.2 million in Europe, 18.3 million in Latin America, and 18.2 million in North America.

Therefore, pursuing a career in the eSports industry can be an exciting and potentially rewarding professional decision. Experts from Unisport Management School reveal some reasons why anyone might consider entering this field:

  1. Wide Job Opportunities: eSports offer a wide range of roles, from professional players to specialists in marketing, production, and graphic design. This opens doors for individuals with diverse skills and talents, creating a versatile and dynamic job market.
  2. Passion Turned into a Career: Working in eSports allows you to turn your passion for video games into a rewarding career. Leveraging your love for tournaments and competitions can provide a unique sense of satisfaction in a field you are passionate about.
  3. Passionate Global Community: The global eSports community is dedicated and welcoming. Joining this community provides a strong sense of belonging and connects you with people who share your interests, creating friendships and connections on a global scale.
  4. Potential Income: While not all roles in digital sports are highly paid, there are opportunities for significant income, especially in elite roles like successful professional players, team directors, and marketing executives.
  5. Personal and Professional Development: Working in this constantly evolving industry allows you to continuously learn, face challenges, and experience personal and professional growth, making it an attractive path for ambitious individuals.

With this context, Armengol reflects: "A few years ago, no one imagined that someone could make a living this way. Today, there is an industry that increasingly demands professionals, not only in management but also in physical preparation, psychology and coaching, event preparation, refereeing, narration, data analytics..."


There are many valid reasons to join the eSports industry, but it's always important to have proper training like what Unisport Management School offers. Passion is one of the keys to success, so it's advisable to consider your own strengths, interests, and long-term goals before taking the leap.