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Designed for all types of weather conditions, ARENA transforms any outdoor space into a sonic experience.

The Spanish manufacturer Equipson has expanded its WORK PRO range with the launch of a new series of speakers that offer a reliable sound solution for outdoors, regardless of the weather.

Available in various sizes to adapt to different applications, the ARENA series is so durable and robust that it can defy the weather and turn any outdoor space into a high-quality sonic experience.


Every aspect of the engineering of the series has been carefully designed to ensure that these speakers can withstand the most adverse weather conditions. From the hottest and driest day to the coldest and wettest night.


Work Pro ARENA 1 no fondoA key feature of the ARENA series is its ability to deliver high power in a small format. These compact full-range coaxial speakers are available in four sizes (6", 8", 10", and 12") ranging from 300W to 600W depending on the selected model's size. In all cases, clear highs, efficient low-frequency performance, and minimized distortion ensure a balanced audio experience. Additionally, the ARENA series incorporates a waterproof subwoofer of 8" and 800 W bandwidth that provides powerful bass in the low frequencies and enhances the audio of any ARENA series installation.


We see many uses for the ARENA series, from general outdoor applications such as fairs, theme parks, and restaurant and club terraces to open-air shopping malls, sports stadiums, and pools, where a high-quality sound system not only enhances the overall visitor experience but also provides a crucial conduit for important safety announcements. The versatility of this series is unparalleled, as it adapts to any location, whether indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, requiring high power from a compact and fully weather-resistant enclosure," says Juan José Vila, CEO of Equipson.


Adapted to the environment and with hydrophobically treated grilles, the ARENA series features moisture-sealed crossovers to protect sound integrity. Polyvinyl enclosures that mimic wood finishes provide additional protection against the elements and ensure that these speakers will continue to deliver great sound for many years.

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