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The OPTIMUS team's equipment allows the connection of five microphones and two sound sources, managing the priority of audio signals.


The OPTIMUS AXF-240 model is a mixer amplifier with eight audio inputs and a 240 W RMS 100 V line output, suitable for general public address and voice alarm applications.


The audio inputs consist of five microphone inputs (XLR connectors) with selectable phantom power and priority by contact, two auxiliary level inputs for music or prerecorded messages (RCA connectors), and an emergency input at 0 dB with maximum priority, suitable for voice alarm situations.

It features a security relay for announcements on the speaker lines, allowing announcement signals to pass even when the lines are closed for music. The speaker output is a 100 V or 70 V line, and it also has a 4 Ω low impedance output available.

Additionally, it has an audio preamp output, unaffected by the master volume and tone controls, for connecting other amplification equipment. It also provides input and output for inserting an equalizer or feedback suppressor.

It offers individual volume controls for each input, bass and treble controls, and a general output level adjustment. Equipped with protection circuits for signal peaks, short circuits, overloads, and overheating, it features LED indicators for power, input, output, clip, and protection.

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