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igus is incorporating features into its CNC Service 2.0 online, such as real-time feasibility analysis and lifespan calculation.

In the industry, every minute is crucial. This need becomes evident when a machine requires maintenance, and the required component is not in stock.


igus' CNC Service 2.0 online offers the possibility to request machined plastic parts optimized for friction and wear in a matter of minutes.


Sending design plans via email, waiting for feasibility evaluation, and addressing questions over the phone are time-consuming and tedious steps.


With the goal of simplifying the customer experience to the maximum and reducing coordination efforts, especially in cases where time is critical, we introduced our online CNC service in 2020. Positive feedback from customers has been a source of inspiration to continue progressing and refining both the functions and the user interface of our tool. Now, order processing is even faster and easier with just a few simple clicks, says Patrick Schwitalla, igus' engineer for iglidur machined plastic materials.


The service is already available in Germany and Austria, and it is expected to roll out to other countries later this year.


Automated feasibility and tolerance checks in seconds

Users only need to upload a 3D model of their component in STEP format, and they will receive an immediate automated feasibility analysis with transparent price information. They will also have access to data on critical production issues, a feature that is constantly updated, and they will be informed when a calculation is not possible due to design complexity or manufacturing limitations.

igus also offers the option to upload technical drawings in PDF or image files for automatic verification in a matter of seconds, providing detailed information on tolerances and other drawing-related data. The CNC Service 2.0 highlights dimensional, geometric, and positional tolerances that are unfeasible and proposes possible corrections.


Reliable and immediate lifespan calculation

Depending on the material, quantity, delivery time, and tolerance selection, the price dynamically adjusts to changes in these parameters, ensuring total transparency and optimal guidance for decision-making at any time. Another feature soon to be available in the tool is lifespan calculation for sliding applications, which is based on data obtained from numerous tests in the igus laboratory.

Once the right product is found, it can be added to the shopping cart to request a quote or place an online order. If the customer chooses the express service, machined components can be ready for shipping in as little as three days.


The advantage is that customers get everything from a single supplier: the online tool, material selection, production, and personalized advice. Everything comes directly from igus. Our comprehensive service provides customers with the opportunity to get their customized CNC part in minimal time and with maximum convenience. Moreover, our wide range of self-lubricating and highly wear-resistant plastic materials allows us to find the right solution for virtually any application, says Schwitalla.


Production lines get back on track on time thanks to the online CNC service

igus' online CNC service has already proven its effectiveness in practice, as seen in the case of Dr. Quendt GmbH, the largest manufacturer of Christmas sweets, such as Dresden Christmas stollen. "We wanted to take advantage of a brief maintenance period to replace the polyamide bearings with iglidur bearings", says Tom Oldach, project engineer at Dr. Quendt GmbH. He continues, "Thanks to the quick budget calculation and the express shipping of igus' online CNC Service, we were able to acquire the parts in just a few days and restart the production line on time".