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The field of building automation has undergone a revolution in recent years, largely thanks to KNX protocols.

Innovative companies, such as Zennio, have effectively harnessed these technologies to design home automation solutions that simplify device management in various settings, including residential buildings, hotels, and offices.

Zennio's solutions stand out for their focus on comfort, security, interoperability, and flexibility.


The KNX protocol serves as the foundation that enables Zennio to offer robust automation across a wide range of processes, spanning from lighting control, climate regulation, shading, and technical alarms to audiovisual systems, access control, and scene creation.


Zennio's sleek touchscreens and buttons, in conjunction with the KNX protocol, unlock a diverse set of functionalities, including remote control through Zennio Remote and voice control via ZenVoice.

KNX-based automation also translates into significant energy savings, as it automates high-consumption actions under optimal conditions. Zennio's motion and presence sensors, such as Presentia W or C, adjust lighting and climate control based on occupancy and natural light, resulting in noteworthy reductions in energy consumption.

Furthermore, automation empowers users to define personalized scenes for precise climate programming, remote access through applications, and compatibility with voice assistants, to name just a few of the advantages KNX offers to ensure maximum comfort in homes and offices.

Zennio's actuators enable precise and rapid modifications, expansions, and variations through the specialized ETS software, addressing all the needs of each project. A compelling example is the multifunctional device, ALLinBOX 1612 v2, featuring 16 outputs, 12 inputs, a KNX-IP interface, and a logic module.

Scalability, interoperability, and security are critical elements in the process of home automation. Zennio emphasizes the importance of interoperability between devices, and its commitment to the KNX standard ensures that its solutions integrate seamlessly, facilitating their adoption and expansion.