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Christie is launching the Inspire Series and a new projector from the HS Series.


Christie® announces the release of two new 1DLP® laser projectors: the 4K860-iS and the 4K13-HS. These are compact and flexible projection solutions, ideal for classrooms, boardrooms, places of worship, and other types of spaces.


The 4K860-iS model from the Inspire Series is easy to move and install. Weighing only 15 kg, it offers a projection power of 8,500 lumens in 4K UHD resolution. It comes with Christie Twist as a standard feature and has the option to incorporate the Mystique™ software, offering the possibility of warping, blending, and camera-based alignment to ensure perfect image content.Christie Proyector 2 HITo easily illuminate large surfaces and screens, Christie has added a new model to its HS Series of 1DLP projectors. The 4K13-HS model offers up to 14,800 lumens for projects that require high-brightness projection solutions, without compromising the form factor. Its 4K UHD resolution ensures clear and sharp images, natural colors, and deeper blacks, thanks to Christie BoldColor+™ technology.


The new additions to our 1DLP laser projector lineup allow us to further expand our offerings, so the customer can choose the best solution for each project. With 1DLP options ranging from 5,000 to 23,650 lumens and features including passive 3D polarization and built-in warping and blending, our projectors are designed to deliver unparalleled on-screen image quality, says Andy Wang, Product Manager at Christie.


The 4K860-iS and 4K13-HS models are compatible with the Christie Intelligent Camera (CIC), an innovative and powerful accessory that streamlines and facilitates the creation of optimal quality images. Operators can use it to calibrate color, activate autofocus, and, in combination with Mystique™ Lite software, automate warping and blending on up to three projectors in a horizontal array.

Orders for these two new models are now available, and they come with an unmatched 5-year, 20,000-hour warranty in the industry.

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