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Vogel's establishes itself as a professional in the industry when it comes to finding the best support for hanging a screen.

Televisions have long been a fundamental part of homes, electronic devices in front of which both adults and children spend hours in search of entertainment, information, or relaxation. That's why you can find several screens in various spaces in some homes (bedrooms, kitchen, terrace, dining room, etc.).

For all these reasons, it's worth asking: How can you hang it on the wall to enjoy a better viewing experience? Is there a recommended height? Is there any danger in choosing a swiveling mount? How do you hide the cables? How much weight can a mount support? And, if the sun shines on the TV, what do you do?


The Dutch company Vogel's, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2023, was founded precisely to answer these and many other questions and user needs. People who seek comfort, elegance, innovation, or safety, among other features when deciding where and how to install each TV.


  • Part of the decor. Televisions are becoming thinner and more elegant, so you'll need to find a mount that matches your home's design and decor. They come in different colors and have a minimalist design.
  • Efficient and secure installation. When choosing a TV wall mount, consider the features that match the TV's characteristics (weight and inches, among others). Make sure it's easy to assemble. And ensure that the chosen mount offers the highest safety, especially in households with children or pets that may touch or rotate the TV.
  • Swiveling is possible. If the sun shines on the screen for a few hours, the most sophisticated mounts will allow the viewer to rotate it up to 180 degrees to find the best angle. Currently, you can find a mount that moves the TV in a subtle, silent, and fast manner. And you can also achieve this with a remote control.
  • At eye level. The most common recommendation when hanging the TV on the wall is to place the center of the screen one meter above the floor. As for the best viewing distance, the most universal reference indicates that for screens up to 65 inches, it's about 5 meters, for screens from 77 to about 6 meters, and for 82-inch screens, about 6.5 meters.
  • Hide the cables. Ideally, there should be power outlets close enough to the screen to connect them. Before installing the device, you'll need to assess whether special wiring is necessary and how to conceal it, which is not impossible depending on the mount you choose.
  • Now it's all about sound. Once the mount is installed and the TV is hung, it's time for sound, speakers, and soundbars, especially if you're looking for a surround effect.

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A Universe of Solutions

Throughout its five decades in the market, Vogel's provides solutions that meet all its products' quality standards and offer pre- and post-sales service with complete confidence.

Among the numerous options Vogel's offers, one of its ranges is the ELITE series, ultra-thin and robust mounts that can support a lot of weight. They are especially suitable for TVs from 32 to 100 inches and can handle screens of up to 100 kg while allowing smooth movements for such a fragile item. Due to their characteristics, they are ideal for large TV screens such as OLED or QLED.

The mounts in the SIGNATURE series are unique in terms of design, technology, and experience. The electric wall model MotionMount, for example, can be controlled from the couch through Siri or a special app from a tablet or smartphone. You can program up to seven different positions, and it can rotate up to 120º. When turned on, the TV will rotate to the last selected viewing position. And when turned off, it will rotate back to the wall until the next power-on.

The COMFORT series has an elegant design and offers a choice between a fixed option or full motion if you want to swivel. It is ideal for homes with children, as it offers a lot of security and durability.

Regarding sound, Vogel's has universal mounts, wall-mounted or freestanding, that support speakers and soundbars to achieve a cinematic sound at home.