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The XG60-Fit stands out for its quality, security, and efficient performance, as well as its ease of management.

EnGenius announces the launch of the XG60-FIT, a new gateway designed for the security and networking needs of small and medium-sized businesses.


With this device, small and medium-sized businesses will be able to efficiently manage both the networks of remote employees and those working in other offices, ensuring secure communication and data protection without the need for specific IT equipment.


Robust Cybersecurity and Seamless Network Performance

The XG60-FIT gateway provides not only reliable connectivity but also efficient security and easy management. Additionally, this new EnGenius device offers high performance and real-time protection for business networks, allowing secure data collaboration and exchange. Its innovative approach and simplicity make VPN setup very intuitive, enabling fast and secure connections between offices or remote workers with just a few clicks. To enhance network reliability, this gateway features dual WAN ports for load balancing and failover support, with cellular WAN serving as a backup connection in case of WAN failures.

Furthermore, it offers multiple gigabit ports and a PoE+ port to power Wi-Fi access points, providing high-performance Wi-Fi for small businesses, office branches, and remote workers.


Effortless Network Installation and Management

The EnGenius XG60-Fit gateway can be effortlessly managed through the FitXpress platform, providing business owners and IT professionals with a centralized and user-friendly network management system. With FitXpress, businesses can remotely install, configure, and monitor both the gateway and other EnGenius network devices via the web portal and app from anywhere, at any time. Moreover, this comprehensive solution enhances network security, efficiency, and convenience for small and medium-sized enterprises.


The launch of the EnGenius XG60-FIT redefines how small and medium-sized businesses approach network management. By combining high performance, simplified VPN solutions, and seamless network management integration, we enable SMEs to keep their teams connected and their data secure, so they can focus on their business, customers, and success, said Roger Liu, Executive Vice President of EnGenius.


Recognizing the need for straightforward solutions among small and medium-sized enterprises, with this new Gateway, EnGenius offers them exceptional value and efficient security and performance capabilities, ensuring they have the tools they need to thrive and succeed in the long term.


Key Features of the XG60-FIT

  • Auto-VPN with auto-repair and rapid network deployment.
  • Secure and high-performance point-to-point VPN/VPN client.
  • Dual GbE WAN and dual GbE LAN for maximum performance.
  • Flexible connectivity through dual WAN load balancing.
  • WAN failover and cellular failover (4G/5G) ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Stateful firewall with high-efficiency filtering and inspection to enhance security.
  • Pass-through and routing options for existing network gateway or router.
  • 2.1 GHz dual-core processor for increased speed and power.
  • 4 GbE ports and 1 SFP uplink with seamless connectivity.
  • Cloud-based management via FitXpress. Unifies gateways, Wi-Fi access points, and EnGenius Fit switches.
  • Centralized and remote management through the FitXpress web portal or app.

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