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ROE Visual introduces the Vanish ST Series, a dependable outdoor LED panel designed to excel in high-utilization scenarios.


Packed with outstanding features, the Vanish ST Series is ready to successfully conquer the outdoor rental market by offering a cost-effective, multipurpose, solid LED solution. The Vanish ST Series is initially introduced in the European and UK markets.


The Vanish ST Series upholds ROE Visual's commitment to industry-leading mechanics and build quality standards, solidifying its reputation as a trusted name in the LED display industry.

Engineered with precision, the VST Series offers stable and reliable performance, making them perfectly suited to withstand the challenges of outdoor applications and guarantee maximum uptime for live events and other demanding applications.


ROE Visual Vanish 1 HI   ROE Visual Vanish 3 HI


The VST Series is available in a solid panel, measuring 1000x1000mm, and comes in pixel pitches of 4mm (V4ST) and 6mm (V6ST), providing the exceptional brightness necessary for outdoor use, ensuring that your visuals capture attention in any environment. The Vanish ST has built-in curving blocks, allowing the frame to curve 10 degrees in a convex or concave configuration.

The Vanish ST Series is designed to provide exceptional value for your touring, festival and outdoor live events needs. Its innovative engineering and cost-effective pricing make it an ideal and dependable choice for event organizers, AV rental companies, and production professionals who seek a high-quality LED panel with a great return on investment.

Engineered to excel in a wide range of applications, the Vanish ST LED panel is adaptable and has excellent visual performance. The solid Vanish ST Series is fully interchangeable with the transparent Vanish V8T LED panel. This compatibility allows you to seamlessly integrate the VST with your existing V8T LED panels, maximizing the usability of your rental stock.

The V4ST and V6ST have integrated folding frames, making them wind-load resistant up to 20m/sec, offering audience safety and structural stability. Whether you're planning a concert tour or a large-scale outdoor event, the Vanish V6ST is up to the challenge.


ROE Visual pushes the boundaries of LED display technology, and the Vanish ST Series is a testament to that commitment. We believe this cost-effective touring product will empower event professionals to create captivating visual experiences while staying within budget, says Roelof Bouwman, Managing Director at ROE Visual Europe. 

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