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Epson participated in the SIMO Educación 2023 fair at IFEMA from November 14 to 16, alongside its partner Simmersive.

They showcased the latest innovations and technologies that will ensure a sustainable digital transition in the education sector. At booth 6A12, both brands introduced a new concept of a classroom created using immersive technology, where visitors to the booth experienced the endless possibilities of creating much more innovative and tailored classrooms for the needs of the future.

According to 64% of the teaching staff, as indicated by a recent Epson survey, achieving a higher level of digitization is the biggest challenge they face as professionals. In this regard, audiovisual technology plays a key role: developed to enhance productivity in multiple sectors, it is also a great ally for classrooms and other learning environments. The company's innovations, based on immersive technology, enable increased interaction in classes and provide teachers and students with new tools to promote the cognitive development of young people.


Epson Simo 1 HI   Epson Simo 3 HI



Furthermore, Epson also presented various initiatives aimed at the educational community at SIMO, including one of its flagship projects, EDU2030, which encompasses all its initiatives focused on accelerating the digital and sustainable transformation of classrooms in Spain.


Under the slogan Connecting Futures, EDU2030 includes various listening, analysis, and action activities to understand and respond to the needs of the country's educational community, as well as training materials, talks, and other educational resources. It also offers resources and tools to develop digital transformation plans in schools.


The new needs of Spanish classrooms undoubtedly include accelerating their digitalization in an innovative way. Large companies, through our technology and expertise, must be able to capitalize on and lead a new path to help all stakeholders achieve real, measurable, and valuable improvements for our society and the planet, says Raúl Sanahuja, communication manager of Epson Ibérica.

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A leader in the field of projection

Epson specializes in the manufacture of compact, versatile, and high-luminance laser light source 3LCD technology projectors designed for use in various settings, from the education sector to offices, the retail sector, and large installations in entertainment centers, museums, galleries, events, and tourist attractions.

Epson's high-luminance laser projectors allow the creation of experiential, immersive, and interactive environments in all types of venues and tourist attractions worldwide.Epson Simo 5 HI

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