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SIMO EDUCACIÓN IMPULSO highlights seven technological innovations to transform education.

With proposals ranging from gamification and combating cyberbullying to inclusion and the development of entrepreneurial spirit, the platform, supported by the Fundación Madri+d and SEK-Lab, presents the most cutting-edge initiatives in educational technology.

This platform will showcase a selection of entrepreneurial projects and startups dedicated to technology projects for education.


As in previous years, the SIMO EDUCACION IMPULSO platform brings together and rewards a selection of entrepreneurial projects and startups dedicated to technology projects for education. This initiative, supported by the Fundación Madri+d and SEK-Lab, this time gathers seven interesting proposals with significant potential for application in the field of education.


Additionally, through this platform, the International Educational Technology and Innovation Exhibition, organized by IFEMA MADRID in collaboration with EDUCACIÓN 3.0, offers the selected projects the opportunity to participate in a collective stand, enabling them to engage and generate professional contacts, and compete for one of the three Impulso Awards:

  • Jury Award, for the project globally rated the best in terms of technological innovation, novelty, and potential application in the educational sector, entailing a stand in the "entrepreneurs" area, SHOW UP, in the 2024 edition.
  • SEK Lab Award, for the best business model, offering a "fast track" for direct entry into the vertical accelerator in education with 6 months of acceleration, training, mentoring, customer contacts, and demo day.
  • Madri+d Award for the best investment opportunity, involving a "fast track" to present the project at the upcoming Madri+d investment forum before more than 50 potential investors.


The Selected Projects and Companies



HEAD SCCL is a social enterprise with the mission of bridging the digital divide in vulnerable groups, especially children with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion due to socio-economic reasons. To achieve this, they have developed Scratch Jr. Tactile, a tangible version of the well-known Scratch JR programming language that works without the need for an electrical connection. This enables students to develop digital, linguistic, artistic, mathematical, and social and civic values competencies. Additionally, students with visual impairments or other disabilities will work on essential specific competencies for their overall development.


Specialized in training teaching teams to implement Project-Based Learning (PBL) methodology in vocational education. They focus on providing tailored training and resources that allow educators to maximize their pedagogical impact with the support of AI. They also offer a software platform that simplifies the planning, execution, and evaluation of educational projects, helping teachers effectively track student competencies and improve communication with students and their families. It complies with all the regulations established in vocational education and supports upcoming changes in this field.


This is a 3-dimensional knowledge world with AAA quality, where information is interacted with naturally and organically. Thanks to VR glasses, concepts can be visualized in a neural network-like manner, interacting with the most advanced gamification systems in the gaming world. All parties benefit from a paradigm shift in how learning occurs. Students navigate the world of knowledge, enjoying the most motivating gaming technologies. Educators finally have powerful interaction and motivation tools from the world of video games.

Combating Cyberbullying. Well-being and Digital Protection in Educational Centers.

A comprehensive program that provides solutions and support for each phase of responsibility within educational institutions and well-being coordinators. Personalized online training for all members of the educational community based on their profiles. Quantitative visualization of students' digital exposure and automated mandatory reporting to the AEPD without substantive or procedural defects, in just 15 minutes.


StartKidsUp is an educational innovation project that aims to develop leadership and entrepreneurial spirit in children aged 6 to 12, enabling them to independently face future challenges. It helps children develop key skills such as creativity, initiative, and organization through a fun proposal with social applications. It also assists schools with a center innovation plan to achieve their educational innovation objectives, with students developing key 21st-century competencies through projects aligned with their talents and social impact.


Monk is a platform that assesses the mathematical competence of primary school students. It offers various types of tests: Adaptive tests, to measure the students' ability in the 4 dimensions of mathematics, lasting about 30 minutes, and Attitude tests, designed to assess students' self-concept and enjoyment of mathematics. Its goal is to create a social impact by improving mathematical competency.


Graddus is an Artificial Intelligence-based platform that shows students all the academic possibilities that best fit their profile after secondary education. It supplements this with labor market information for each option and is interactive, allowing students to explore this information. Graddus provides completely personalized results tailored to each student's situation, preferences, interests, and competencies at a competitive price. It utilizes technology and AI to provide instant results, avoiding subjective judgments. Graddus is a premium SaaS for educational institutions, allowing them to understand students' needs and communicate with them.

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