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Barco has put together a collection of "duo delights" with portfolio enhancements, customer references, and news updates.


Featured Product

Two new F400 simulation projectors

The F400-4K joins the F400-N4K (native 4K) and couples laser projection, high-speed processing and extreme reliability with 4K UHD resolution. And a dedicated FS400-4K, designed for NVG stimulation applications, features a powerful IR light source with increased intensity. Based on a new, powerful architecture, the expanded F400 range is the optimal choice for highly demanding training & simulation applications.

"In our opinion, the Barco UDX and E2 were the only products for the job. There weren't even any close alternatives!", Cameron Magee, owner of avad3 about making possible what was deemed impossible by other event agencies by using the iconic Barco duo E2 + UDX,Barco 2 HI

Customer story

Haikou Duty Free shopping mall

A poetic shopping experience. That's perhaps the best way to describe this new immersive installation in the Haikou Duty-Free shopping mall! This visionary endeavor employs 12 sets of Barco UDX-4K32 projectors, spanning over 1,000 square meters of ground projection space, to conjure a fairytale-like Hainan world of cinematic quality.

Minghua cruise ship

Once a cruise ship, now a one-of-a-kind projection mapping canvas. As a key symbol for the region's tourism efforts, the Minghua cruise played an important role in a unique projection mapping show, powered by Barco's UDX flagship projectors, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the re-opening of the Shenzhen region for visitors.

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New software features for projection and image processing

Get ready to level up as we roll out our latest software updates. For the projection portfolio, we released a new version of the Pulse Mobile App and enhanced the Insights Management Suite functions. And there's the EventMaster Series 9.2 software rollout ushering in new features for our range of image processors and controllers.

24/7 follow-the-sun service support

The premium support you need, when you need it. That's our EssentialCare maintenance contract. Implementing the follow-the-sun principle, a Barco expert is always within reach. You'll get direct 24/7 access to one of our active global helpdesk teams who will pick up your request with the highest priority and an improved resolution time.

Don't hesitate to reach out to your local Barco contact person if you wish to get more info on one of these product/software updates.


Two 'fun facts' about the new Fredrikstad office

In August, Barco Fredrikstad relocated to a brand-new local headquarters. Here's two fun facts for you to know about the new office:

  • The HQs are home to our biggest R&D hub for our IX (Immersive Experience) activities.
  • The facility is decked out with a new state-of-the-art electromagnetic compatibility chamber, climate chamber, shaker, and other sophisticated testing gear.

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