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OPTIMUS announces its agreement with GERIÓN to exclusively offer its advanced IP-based patient-nurse intercommunication and signaling system.

The SMCi - IP Gerión system utilizes LAN technology (IP, ETHERNET) to connect all system units efficiently and effectively, enhancing management in hospital environments, clinics, and residences. The system stands out for its user-friendly interface, featuring a color touch screen at the nursing control station and intuitive room terminals for both patients and healthcare staff. Among its numerous features, highlights include its ability to store and access the healthcare center's incident history, integration with SQL database-based management systems, support for VoIP telephony, paging systems, and wandering systems, as well as the ability to display call information on mobile devices. Installation, programming, and system maintenance are fast and simple, with customization and software configuration options, along with continuous self-diagnosis ensuring system reliability.


Here are some of its features:

  • Hands-free communication in the patient's room, and hands-free or private communication through a headset at the nursing control station.
  • Modular room terminals that can adapt to different needs, from calls and audio communication to informative displays and RFID readers.
  • Buttons for various types of calls, such as regular calls, emergencies, code blue calls, and presence of healthcare staff.
  • Optical signaling compliant with DIN VDE 0834 regulations.
  • Call reception and communication between room terminals for efficient coordination.
  • Devices such as bed call buttons, bathroom handles, and signaling lamps, all connected to the room terminal.
  • Wireless call devices via RF in the form of bracelets or pendants that also allow monitoring wandering patients and detecting falls.

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