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A total of 10 products have been highlighted by the INNOVA platform of SIMO EDUCATION to transform education.


The goal of INNOVA is also to highlight and disseminate the most significant contributions gathered in this field, providing visibility and value-added information for exhibitors.


The Selection Committee has been guided by criteria such as innovation, technological advancement, improvements in functionality, usability, and design, as well as relevance to new educational methodologies.

In this edition, INNOVA is especially focused on the application of artificial intelligence to various tools and solutions, such as the schedule generator from Additio App (booth 6E20), which, with a new AI algorithm, allows finding the best combination of schedules for groups, teachers, and spaces. The Magic Studio from Canva (booth 6D12) also features AI functionalities to turn ideas into designs instantly, based on written suggestions or multimedia content, along with the web app that also integrates AI. ClassInTheBox, from Aotech Security Solutions S.L, (booth 6E00) also incorporates this technology to enhance the pedagogical use of video in education, through the so-called "tagging," that is, adding pins and tags to the video timeline so that teachers and students can enrich the video by adding interactivity and fostering creativity, as well as proactive viewing.

Regarding applications, Adaptical S.L. (booth 6A28) presents Mathew, a solution to automatically create practical content such as learning situations in a matter of seconds, while automating the evaluation of this content once answered by the student, and providing feedback for improvement according to the criteria set by the teacher. Similarly, Global Pleberio S.L. (booth 6E22) introduces The Speak App, aimed at transforming the nervousness that blocks young people aged 12 to 18 when speaking in public, empowering them and improving their communication and oratory skills.

INNOVA also highlights the free room reservation software Clevertouch - Impact LUX Series, from Charmex Internacional, S.A.U. (booth 6C20), which incorporates the Google EDLA certificate as a novelty on the mainboard; the new version of the software for creating interactive content Genially (booth 6D04), more organized, collaborative, and productive, with brand kit, team templates, and real-time editing. Also from Genially, the interactive questions tool to design an effective questionnaire that encourages the audience to take an active role and interact with the content to expand information.

The proposals gathered in INNOVA are complemented by the interactive screen Taurus, presented by Synetech (booth 6C11), which, as a novelty, integrates the EDLA Google certificate, as well as all Google applications, in addition to having up to 50 touch points, with Windows and interaction with a stylus, palm, finger, or even the arm. Finally, the 3D Printer K1 Max from Triwee (booth 6A18), a revolution in the 3D technology sector, is capable of reaching a printing speed of 600 mm/s in just 0.03 seconds, an acceleration of 20000 mm/s², features such as variable line width and arc adjustment, and is equipped with a new generation Creality Print 4.3 software, which has a simple interface and different presets.

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