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More than 2,000 exhibitors will shape the future of lighting technology and construction.


Light + Building 2024 will take place from March 3 to 8, 2024, and registrations from over 2,000 exhibitors have already been received. It will cover everything from intelligent lighting technology to future-oriented construction technology for homes and buildings.



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Market leaders will showcase their latest products in the fields of lighting, electrical engineering, home and building automation, and connected security technology. They can all take advantage of this showcase of innovations to learn about future solutions. Additionally, there is a focus on knowledge exchange, establishing new business contacts, and inspiration.


Light + Building is the ideal platform to discover the latest advancements and engage in a dialogue with international experts in the industry. Nowhere else is there such a direct link between expertise in lighting and future-oriented construction technology. There is a high level of interest in participating again in 2024. We are delighted with the many loyal customers who participated in the last edition of the fair, as well as a number of returning exhibitors. All of them affirm that Light + Building is the international standout and unsurpassed event for the lighting and construction technology sectors. Additionally, I would like to highlight that there have been some changes in the exhibition center, opening up new planning options, says Johannes Möller, Brand Management Head of Light + Building.


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Lighting experts with a new structure

This edition features an innovation that will benefit experts in intelligent lighting solutions: the arrangement of product segments. This has been made possible by the inclusion of the new Hall 5 with two modern floors that are open to Light + Building exhibitors for the first time. This creates a new circular route in the eastern section of the exhibition center, spanning Halls 5 and 6, passing through the Forum and Hall 3, to Hall 4, facilitated by the Via Mobile system of movable walkways.LB presentation 6 HI

What can visitors find in the halls?

At Light + Building, exhibitors will showcase all facets of lighting in the eastern hall. The various applications range from technical luminaires for office buildings, educational institutions, industry, and commerce to public and urban lighting, emergency and safety lighting, and decorative and design luminaires, as well as components and accessories for lighting technology.

  • Halls 3.0, 5, and Forum: technical lighting.
  • Hall 3.1: decorative and technical lighting, design-oriented.
  • Hall 4: urban lighting for streets and public spaces.
  • Hall 4.1: lighting for shops and theaters, as well as emergency and safety lighting.
  • Hall 6: decorative lighting.
  • Halls 10.1 and 10.2: dedicated to Asian lighting manufacturers in the Asia Selection segment.


In the western hall, exhibitors will present innovative building technologies for a sustainable future. The manufacturers' portfolio includes both electrotechnical components for the electrification and digitalization of infrastructures and technology for the automation of homes and buildings. All of this forms the basis for the integration of alternative energy sources and ensures efficient use of resources.

  • Hall 8: lighting, light sources, and lighting control systems.
  • Halls 9, 11, and 12: electrical engineering and home and building automation.

LB presentation 12 HIConnected security is an integral part of smart homes and buildings. Therefore, Light + Building groups the product offering in the Intersec Building area. The topics of video technology and access control are as present here as data protection or fire prevention measures.LB presentation 11 HI

Looking to the future

Intelligent building services technology

Based on electrotechnical infrastructure, future sustainable homes and buildings will use renewable energy sources, have efficient and economical energy management, and, at the same time, offer a high level of comfort, safety, and protection.

The electrotechnical infrastructure is a prerequisite for home and building automation, energy storage and management, connection of photovoltaic systems and charging stations, and electricity-based heating systems.


Synergy of light and building technology

Modern building technology is synonymous with efficient energy use, improved individual comfort, and comprehensive security. A fundamental component of the construction world is light, which provides visual accents, ideally combines with architecture aesthetically, and, at the same time, fulfills functional aspects.

This industry platform reflects the topics that significantly influence the business of exhibiting companies.


How people live, work, and interact in cities and buildings is constantly changing. Therefore, the building technology of the future must be able to adapt to changing and variable requirements. There must be interfaces for new energy sources, systems must show interoperability, and efficient operation must be undisputed in terms of emissions and economy, explains Möller.


The key to achieving greater sustainability and a viable construction sector is electrification. Therefore, the motto for this internationally leading trade fair in 2024 is Be Electrified. From there, three main themes specify what will be essential for living, working, and moving in the future. These themes are Sustainability, Connectivity, and Work + Living.



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Industry mirror: the main themes

Sustainability revolves around systems and approaches that contribute to a more sustainable positioning of the construction sector. This includes, for example, the integration and storage of regeneratively generated energy and efficient energy management. Sustainability also plays a significant role in terms of materials used and manufacturing processes.

The theme of Connectivity also focuses on efficient resource use. In smart homes and buildings, electrification and digitalization are the basis for proper interconnection of various areas. In a building's lifecycle, this starts with planning through Building Information Modelling (BIM). Data collection and storage allow efficient control and maintenance of building functions during the usage phase. The result is greater comfort and, above all, increased security.


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The main theme Work + Living addresses changing mobility needs, spaces for living and working, production and sales spaces, as well as urban context. Whether telecommuting from home, office, or an industrial building: homes and smart buildings of the future are planned to accommodate all possibilities.

The theme of light and lighting in all its forms is also emphasized. In this context, innovative technology combines with cutting-edge design for greater comfort. Trends in all their expressions play a significant role, influencing luminaire design and building elements.


A digital and live experience

The digital platform of this industry meeting in Frankfurt complements the live experience with additional options. Participants can connect with the right people even before the fair and during its course through digital matchmaking. Additionally, many presentations and panel discussions from the extensive program will also be available later for on-demand viewing.

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