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An area dedicated to showcasing entrepreneurs with new technological proposals for the education sector.

SHOW UP!, the space at SIMO EDUCATION dedicated to fostering talent and entrepreneurship, brought together technological proposals for the education sector from eight startups.


This is an initiative through which SIMO EDUCATION promotes the participation of emerging companies or business projects, recently created - between 1 and 5 years old - startups, micro-enterprises, and SMEs, to showcase to the educational community a selection of innovative solutions, products, and applications with a strong technological component, focusing on facilitating and improving the academic life of teachers, students, and parents.


An educational robot; an interactive class photo where students and teachers appear in motion as if it were a Harry Potter painting; a 100% online study platform; Virtual Reality simulators; tools powered by Artificial Intelligence; a bracelet with NFC technology for financial education workshops, and a collaboration project with schools on entrepreneurship programs, among other proposals, were gathered this year at SHOW UP!

Show Up! Contents

  • GENYUS presented Genyus School - Future Minds Movement aimed at collaborating with Spanish Educational Centers to help them differentiate themselves through Entrepreneurship Programs, Social Skills, and Junior Personal Development, within the framework of the School Entrepreneurship Week.
  • GRADDY, an interactive class photo where students and teachers appear in motion as if it were a Harry Potter painting. Additionally, when clicking on any of the members, a video appears in which they share their experience in the center or leave a farewell or gratitude message.
  • HUMAN AI generates, with Artificial Intelligence, reports on socio-emotional competencies from texts and voice transcriptions, without the biases of self-perception or social desirability inherent in tests and questionnaires.
  • INTELOUD, Distributor of Educational Robot and STEAM toy.
  • MATHEW/ADAPTICAL, an Artificial Intelligence-powered tool that allows teachers and educational centers to create, customize, and automatically evaluate learning situations, exercises, and activities, all perfectly aligned with educational regulations (such as the LOMLOE).
  • MBA KIDS MBA Kids bracelets, an innovative element of their financial education workshop "Financial Thinking." It is an NFC technology bracelet that functions as a virtual wallet. In addition to being an element in which students participate in their workshops, it serves as a savings and family financial management tool for use at home through a simple and intuitive app.
  • UCADEMY Ucademy study platform, a 100% online program that combines key tools of traditional education such as live classes and tutoring with instructors with the latest advances in educational technology, including exam and review tools with integrated Artificial Intelligence.
  • VR MAGISTER presented Virtual Reality simulators that revolutionize training practices and improve soft skills with SoftSkills.