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The Sales Space on Madrid's central Alcalá street hosted the sixth edition of Be Hybrid. Be Smart.


The leading event in Spain on hybrid work and collaboration brought together around 300 attendees who experienced the latest technology in the market for flexible collaboration spaces.


Artificial Intelligence for Everyday Work

The experience of Ricoh as a technological integrator, along with innovative solutions such as Microsoft Teams Room and all devices certified for this platform, ensures immersive experiences wherever the employee chooses to work.

And this year, with the layer of Generative AI across the entire Microsoft 365 suite, individuals have an assistant that will facilitate work, automate tasks, summarize meetings, propose ideas... "This is a transformation of the workplace. Technology along with culture. A highly capable assistant to whom we have to tell what to do for us, which will change our way of working", stated Antonio Cruz, Director of Workplace at Microsoft in Spain.

GenAI, a disruptive technology that must be accompanied by guidance. More than half of Spanish employees use AI tools, such as ChatGPT, in their work without policies, guidelines, or training from their company, with the consequent risk to the security of sensitive information and the dangers of misuse.

The advent of GenAI and the possibilities of these tools make the quality of certified devices increasingly important, given that, to generate, for example, suitable meeting minutes through AI, the message of each participant must be captured via video or audio.

During the event, the main trends of the booming hybrid environments were shared. IDC points out that hybrid work contributes to a 6% increase in productivity for employees, in addition to flexibility that also aids in talent attraction and retention.


The 3/2 formula (home/office) is the most used, favoring greater employee engagement, which results in better outcomes. Specifically, ten points more than employees who do not practice hybrid modalities. Gallup, the reference consulting firm on engagement in companies, highlighted José Luis Gion, head of the Collaboration business area at Ricoh for Spain and Portugal.


In collaboration with the leading manufacturers in the sector, Ricoh designs, configures, implements, and services digital workspaces covering a wide range of solutions for businesses of all sizes. This local strategy aligns with the global strategy, with Ricoh currently being the leading European integrator and one of the top three in the world by revenue volume, also thanks to significant acquisitions such as VideoCorp in Latin America, Datavision in Germany, Pure AV in the UK, AVC in Denmark, and Cenero, the latter in the USA.


Highlights of the Sixth Edition

Since its inception three years ago, the Be Hybrid. Be Smart. event has not stopped growing, doubling the number of exhibitors.

This year, new services designed for employees working in a hybrid manner have been added to offer a broader approach based on office spaces, and it is expected that in future editions, it will expand with new products and services of interest in a constantly changing scenario.

Alongside the exhibition area, a series of inspiring talks were shared on the workplace, secure communications, GenAI applied to the client's workstation, and inclusive experiences. Also, an innovation corner with the latest mixed reality solutions, hyper-realistic avatars as virtual assistants, and digital twins.


Leading Change At Work

It is currently vital for companies to have a hybrid work methodology, collaboration tools, suitable workspaces, and meeting rooms that allow you to be more efficient and productive from anywhere. For this, technological partners are essential in building collaboration scenarios.

During the event, attendees could firsthand experience the most innovative technology that connects people and talent regardless of their location.

The main manufacturers and technological integrators of collaborative solutions, including Audiocodes, Barco, Cisco, Dell, Jabra, Lenovo, LG, Logitech, Neat, Pexip, Q-SYS, Samsung, Shure, and Yealink, gathered in one place to continue building the workplace of the future. The latest in headphones, microphones, sound and video for meeting rooms, displays, and audiovisual solutions, videoconferencing systems, wireless and remote collaboration...


Ricoh will once again showcase its full potential in the collaboration and hybrid work environment at the new edition of Integrated Systems Europe 2024 from January 30 to February 2 in Barcelona. The city will also host the next edition of Be Hybrid. Be Smart. during the first half of 2024.

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