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Hikvision, in its constant innovation within the display sector, presents the CGF Series LED cabinet for the year 2024.

These are elongated and slim pieces, only 250 millimeters in height, that can be connected to each other to create shapes that are most convenient at any given moment. The final result is screens that don't necessarily have to be rectangular but can take various forms to grab attention. The flexibility is absolute.

This solution is particularly suitable for small spaces such as shop windows, cash register areas, shelves, and various types of displays. It offers the option to create messages of all kinds, both text and images, with excellent visibility. However, due to its modularity, there's also the option to create larger displays on broader surfaces.

In fact, Hikvision is working on launching modules of different sizes and with different screen resolutions, both 1080p and 4K, which will increase the versatility and possibilities of this system. In the near future, the CGF series will consist of a total of 20 different models, with five pixel types — 1.5, 1.9, 2.6, 2.9, and 3.9 — and four module sizes: 250 x 750, 250 x 1000, 500 x 500, and 500 x 1000. Different models with the same pixel type can be mixed to create a videowall of the dimensions required by each client.

This solution allows each business to create the type of display that suits its needs, from small LED strips for written messages to large videowalls suitable for projecting high-resolution images and videos. With this product, the limits are set by the commercial strategy of each point of sale and, of course, the imagination of its managers, as the possibilities are practically limitless.


With this new series, Hikvision continues to expand its portfolio of display products, designed for all sectors and specific needs within each of them.

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