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Innovations in the DooH realm are reshaping how brands communicate with the audience in outdoor spaces.


From displays to LEDs, emerging technologies are propelling the industry towards a digitally centered future.


Displays and LEDs: leading the way in outdoor advertising

The latest generation of displays and LEDs for outdoor advertising has arrived to leave a lasting impression.

Dooh publicidad exterior 3 HIWith crisp resolutions and vibrant colors, these technologies offer visual quality that captivates the audience. The flexibility to adapt to different urban environments and lighting conditions makes these displays ideal for a wide range of advertising applications.

Additionally, the integration of videowalls in outdoor advertising contexts has taken digital signage to new heights. Ads now come to life with dynamic content, capturing pedestrians' attention in a striking manner. The ability to easily change digital signage allows brands to adjust their messages in real time, adapting to ongoing events or seasonal changes.


Interactivity and personalized experiences

Integrating interactive screens into the urban landscape not only attracts attention but also invites audience engagement. From real-time surveys to gamified experiences, outdoor advertising can now create deeper and more personalized connections with the audience. These interactions, in addition to making an impact, generate valuable data for advertisers.

Smart screens present information, track views based on pedestrian flow, and even capture gaze direction on billboards. This capability provides advertisers with valuable data on the effectiveness of their campaigns, allowing them to adjust strategies for maximum impact.


Context sensitivity

The ease of changing digital signage has allowed brands to be more sensitive to context. Campaigns that respond to real-time events, weather changes, or local festivities are now possible. This adaptability not only keeps advertising creativity fresh but also reflects the brand's relevance in the surrounding environment.Dooh publicidad exterior 2 HI

Data analysis for a more effective strategy

The ability to track foot traffic views and gaze location on billboards provides advertisers with valuable information. Data analysis becomes a fundamental tool for evaluating campaign effectiveness and adjusting strategies in real time. This intelligence provides a competitive advantage by enabling more precise and targeted campaigns.

Technological developments in displays and LEDs for outdoor advertising are taking visual quality to unprecedented levels. From high-resolution videowalls to LED displays seamlessly integrating into urban environments, outdoor advertising has become more attractive and immersive than ever.


A bright future for outdoor advertising

As outdoor advertising embraces the DooH revolution, the future looks exciting and full of possibilities.


The combination of advanced technologies, interactivity, and data analysis is shaping a new era of outdoor advertising. Brands are poised to make the most of this shift, bringing creativity and audience connection to unprecedented levels in public spaces.