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The conference program of ISE 2024 offers a fascinating journey through the latest trends and innovations in AV technology.


Smart building conference

Tuesday 30 January | 10:30 - 16:30 - Location: CC5.1

ISE Programa Bob Snyder 7 LOChaired by Bob Snyder, Editor-in-Chief, Channel Media Europe, this full-day conference will present a range of smart building case studies and presentations from leaders of the latest technology and solutions for inside smart buildings, smart homes and smart offices.


Any integrator that works in the built environment should join us in the Smart Building Conference at ISE 2024. We’re the cutting edge of the built environment and you’ll meet some of the industry’s leading thought leaders. For example, you’ll enjoy a panel on The ROI of Smart Buildings moderated by Matthew Marson, Managing Director, EMEA Advisory at JLL Technologies and hear about the opportunity for Master System Integrators, from AV companies that are already there. I’m also looking forward to Dan Drogman, CEO, Smart Spaces sharing ‘The 10 Top Smart Buildings I Know’, comments Bob Snyder.


Control rooms summit: securing the future

Tuesday 30 January | 10:30 - 14:30 | Location: CC5.2

Industry practitioners, suppliers, and subject experts will join Conference Chair, Chris Dreyfus-Gibson, to explore strategies to safeguard control room infrastructure and operations and create a diverse and effective workforce.

ISE Programa Chris Dreyfus Gibson 1 LOChris Dreyfus-Gibson: “Control room technology continues to evolve at pace. With increasing use of automation, a growing ecosystem of systems, and the early interest in AI there is a need to protect mission critical control rooms from cyber security threats. Changes in technology also means a change in the skillset which is needed both within control room operations and the broader supply chain. I'm so pleased that the 2024 Control Rooms Summit will offer the opportunity to explore these two important topics: Cyber security and talent. We will be joined by industry experts who will share their case studies and experiences. This summit will be our most interactive, with the audience becoming one big panel of experts”.


Smart home technology conference

Tuesday 30 January - Friday 2 February | 10:30 - 16:30 - Location: CC1 suite

CEDIA is offering nearly 60 hours of courses within its conference, covering topic areas such as technical installation and design, business excellence, and future trends; all through the lens of home technology integration.

ISE Programa Daryl Friedman 9 HIDaryl Friedman, CEDIA Global President and CEO, comments, "We are delighted to bring the CEDIA Smart Home Technology Conference back to ISE. This conference will delve into various subject areas exploring home technology integration. AI and cybersecurity will be key themes throughout the four-day programme, and attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of expert-led daily workshops and courses. I encourage you to fully explore CEDIA’s array of opportunities to make your visit an enriching and meaningful experience".


European/Latin American AV Summit

Tuesday 30 January – Wednesday 31 January

ISE Programa Mateu Hernández 4 LOThe groundbreaking European/Latin American AV Summit, supported by the Catalan Government, ACCIO-Catalonia Trade & Investment and the Barcelona City Council, is chaired by Mateu Hernández, CEO Barcelona Tourism. The summit unites government representatives, thought leaders, and industry giants to foster understanding, strengthen connections, and ignite innovation across continents.

Mateu Hernández: “Join us as we embark on this remarkable journey that transcends borders, showcasing the potential for groundbreaking collaborations, and setting a new standard for AV and digital innovation”.


Digital signage summit: beyond pixel, a holistic view of digital signage

Wednesday 31 January | 10:30 - 14:30 | Location: CC5.1

ISE Programa Florian Rotberg 3 LOChaired by Florian Rotberg from invidis Consulting, the Summit will explore the usage scenarios of displays, location-sensitive LEDs and projectors with effects that depend on the immediate physical spaces and audiences.

Florian Rotberg: “The leading topics we’ll be discussing during DSS ISE 2024 are the disrupting developments in GenAI, IT-Security and the fast-growing relevance of sustainability and software, within the digital signage industry”.


Content production and distribution summit: the new broadcasters

Wednesday 31 January | 10:30 - 17:00 | Location: CC5.2

In its second year, the summit chaired by Ciarán Doran will explore the strategies and technologies behind creating, managing, and distributing video content for promotional and informational purposes.

ISE Programa Ciaran Doran 2 LOCiarán Doran: “From a technology point of view, we are living in the age of convergence, there is no ‘broadcast’, just eyeballs (and money) and the money moves where the eyes move. The new breed of AV Broadcaster is communicating directly with millions of consumers and buyers, no longer limited by geography or technology, only their imagination. We’ll examine how creativity and new technologies are now being combined to offer new methods of not just creating material and distributing to consumers but engaging and exciting them". 


Smart workplace summit: tackling the new challenges

Wednesday 31 January - Thursday 1 February | 15:30 - 18:00 | Location: CC5.1

Conference Chair and former Operations Manager, Google, Gary Keene and his guests will be looking at a number of the emergent challenges including cybersecurity, the use and the ethics of AI, purpose-driven design, inclusive design and environmental benchmarking.

ISE Programa Gary Keene 10 LOGary Keene: “We'll be looking at a number of the emergent challenges in designing and managing AV in buildings and campuses, including cybersecurity, the use and the ethics of AI, purpose-driven design, inclusive design and environmental benchmarking. We'll aim to help you understand where you need to focus your attention and ensure you leave knowing the first steps you should take. Our guests are already delivering solutions, so this should be a fascinating set of sessions for manufacturers, end-users, and systems integrators”.


Education technology summit: educating humans in a digital world

Thursday 1 February | 10:30 - 14:30 | Location: CC5.1

The summit, led by Conference Chair and Consultant, 1EdTech and EUNIS, Gill Ferrell, will delve into the 'hows' and 'whys,' offering insights into the future of the critical use of technology for educational experiences.

ISE Programa Gill Ferrell 5 LOGill Ferrell: “In the last year we have seen an explosion of new AI powered tools, as well as seeing familiar tools supercharged by the application of data and machine learning. The summit will bring together experts who are able to look beyond the market hype and the fear of the unknown, to take a realistic view of how the latest in innovative technologies might serve to enhance learning”.


Live events summit: new solutions for new challenges

Thursday 1 February | 10:30 - 14:30 | Location: CC5.2

Chair and TPi Editor, Stew Hume, together with leading experts like the team from Celestial, will focus on challenges and evaluating new solutions for the live events industry.

ISE Programa Stew Hume 6 LOStew Hume: “The goal is to look at how new technologies might help change productions in the future. We’re excited to invite the team from Celestial and as one of the front runners in large outdoor drone shows, the team will discuss how this solution was adopted at some major live events including the Eurovision Song Contest and Secret Garden Party this year. There’ll be two panels talking about some of the major developments within the world of video and audio and how we’re starting to see some major ripples from technological innovations that took place over the pandemic”.


Sustainability workshop

Friday 2 February | 10:30 - 14:30 | Location: C1.1

ISE Programa Simon Brown 8 LONew for 2024, CEDIA presents an exclusive conference session dedicated to addressing the global issues of climate change, nature loss, and social resilience within our industry. Delve into the complexities of being both part of the problem and part of the solution.


It’s great to be at ISE’s 20th year and to be working with businesses there on what I believe is the biggest opportunity shaping the next 20 years. We will explore the challenges and opportunities around sustainable business growth and innovation and how you can make a profit whilst fixing some of the world’s problems rather than causing them. The style of the workshop will be interactive, working with industry peers, learning from examples and by being challenged to consider what’s possible for your business, explains Simon Brown.

Free-to-attend sessions at ISE 2024

In addition to the above paid-for conference and session programme, ISE is proud to present more free-to-attend sessions from valued partners including AFIAL, the Catalan AV Cluster, and Impulsa Talentum Foundation to provide even more learning opportunities at this year's show.


Tech Talks español

Tuesday 30 January - Thursday 1 February | 11:00 - 14:30 | Location: Hall 4, ISE Stage

Presenting a range of free-to-attend sessions will be a host of industry expert curators, including the Catalan AV Cluster, all taking place in the Spanish language.


Tech Talks

Tuesday 30 January - Thursday 1 February | 11:00 - 14:30 | Location: Hall 4, ISE Stage

The free-to-attend English-language Tech Talks provide visitors with the exclusive opportunity to hear from a range of curators who will discuss the AV industry trends and range of technology and creative innovations, as well as business best practice developments.


Watch out for more information about the AVL Summit hosted by AFIAL and The Audiovisual Talent Summit hosted by Impulsa Talentum Foundation.

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