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In an effort to captivate their visitors and take exhibitions to the next level, museums are creating immersive experiences.

Museums worldwide are embracing the latest trends in audiovisual technology (AV) to achieve immersive experiences like never before.


These new installations aim to merge art, history, and technology, providing attendees with a multisensory experience that goes beyond traditional observation.


From holographic projections to surround sound and virtual reality, museums are incorporating a wide range of AV elements to transform the way visitors interact with exhibitions. Art pieces come to life with interactive projections, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the narrative and explore new perspectives of creativity.

The integration of AV technology not only seeks to entertain but also to educate. Historical museums are using touchscreens, interactive projections, and sound narrations to tell stories in a more impactful and accessible manner. Visitors can explore past eras through digital recreations and feel part of historical moments thanks to the immersion provided by these innovative installations.


Immersive museum experience 1 HI   Immersive museum experience 3 HI


Immersive exhibitions are also being used to address contemporary and social issues. Modern art and social science museums are turning to virtual reality and immersive projections to raise awareness about current issues, providing a more visceral and emotional experience than conventional presentations.

This trend benefits not only visitors but also presents opportunities for artists and digital content creators. Collaboration between visual artists, sound designers, and AV technology experts is on the rise, resulting in collaborative experiences that challenge the boundaries of creativity and technology.

With these new trends, museums seek not only to preserve and exhibit works of art and historical objects but also to create a space where technology and creativity merge to offer experiences that leave a lasting impression on the audience.


The era of immersive exhibitions has arrived, transforming the way we understand and experience cultural and artistic richness in our museums.

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