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This range provides installation professionals with absolute control over the audio quality of their setups.

Equipson, under its WORK PRO brand, has launched a new digital processing matrix that gives users complete control over audio output in multiple zones.


Targeted at the professional installation market, the INTEGRA series integrates a configurable DSP architecture per channel, gain adjustment, equalization, compression, limiting, and more. Offering unparalleled flexibility, the INTEGRA series allows users to set parameters and adjust every aspect of the sound, optimizing the listening experience and delivering outstanding results in any environment.


There are three different products in the INTEGRA series offering 8, 16, or 32 channels input/output configurations. The range's flexibility ensures the right product can be chosen for any application, from smaller installations with a few areas to larger setups with various areas like warehouses, supermarkets, gyms, conference rooms, and hospitality.


Our goal with the INTEGRA series is to provide advanced technology to professional installation clients that opens up a world of creative possibilities. These products give users the ability to configure and individually correct audio in multiple zones according to the audio processing needed to produce the best sound, says Juan Jose Vila, CEO of Equipson. 


The 8-channel INTEGRA comes with integra 8s, a native, powerful, and free parameter management software, offering control over functions in inputs and outputs and a configurable DSP architecture for each channel. The software includes controls for input and output gains, expander, compressor, parametric equalization, limiter, and anti-feedback on each channel. Its visual matrix and automix module ensure adaptability for many different types of installations.

The more advanced 16-channel INTEGRA, integra 16+, and the 32-channel, integra 32+, feature DANTE digital inputs. These versions are compatible with the free integra plus parameter management software, which incorporates all functions of integra 8s, along with additional features such as noise gate, parametric equalization up to 31 bands, ducker, and voice tracking for video camera synchronization.

Both software versions are highly intuitive and easy to use thanks to a very clear visual interface that allows users to see real-time settings.

In addition to a wealth of useful control features, all products in the INTEGRA series feature USB ports for playback/recording, API for third-party management, and can be controlled from mobile devices through an IOS and Android app.

The series also includes a WC 3U wall control unit with an OLED screen and a built-in rotary/push button, designed for easy and complete programming through the INTEGRA 8S and INTEGRA plus software. Housed in a stylish aluminum casing, the wall control unit also features TCP/ID and UDP communication capabilities, facilitating integration into various systems. Additionally, it is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE), simplifying installation.

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