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COMPACT LITE is a public address and voice evacuation system seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with versatility.

It features a built-in battery charger for continuous operation, allowing users to send live voice messages and play uninterrupted pre-recorded announcements and music.

Optimus CompacLite 2 HI   Optimus CompacLite 3 HI

Each COMPACT LITE unit can control up to 8 speaker zones, with a PA&VA matrix offering IP connectivity and redundant options across 4 IP input channels and 4 analog audio inputs. The system's core includes 12 configurable input contacts, 6 output contacts, and two powerful Class D stages providing 460 W true RMS for music, backup, and announcements.

COMPACT LITE supports 8 subzones with relay-controlled activation, precise control over external volume attenuators, and extensive monitoring capabilities, overseeing speaker lines, stages, input contacts, and pre-recorded messages to meet EN54 requirements. The system features 10 MB of internal storage (expandable to 128 GB) for pre-recorded messages.

Optimus CompacLite 4 HI

With three battery configurations (internal, external, or none), CAN bus communication for peripherals, and integration of external systems through VoIP and direct protocols such as JSON or API/DLL, COMPACT LITE ensures flexibility. Control and monitoring are optimized through software, TELNET, SSH functions, SNMP, and a dedicated mobile app.


Whether in the standard 2U 19" rack format or wall-mounted, COMPACT LITE sets a new standard in PA&VA systems: providing capacity, reliability, flexibility, and the latest technology for various public address and voice alarm applications.

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