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Barix is releasing its first native Dante hardware solution at ISE 2024.

Now available, the new cost-effective IP Former TPA400 Native Dante decoder/amplifier provides ultra-low-latency delivery for synchronized audio playout across many end points. Barix will demonstrate the technology on its ISE stand (7C400) at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via next week from January 30-February 2.

Barix introduced the original IP Former TPA400 to help customers transform legacy speakers into IP speakers by simply connecting the ultra-compact device to any loudspeaker. Its design provides an IP network interface, audio stream decoder and amplifier front-end for a two- to eight-ohm speaker, with PoE for streamlined installation. The original IP Former TPA400 features Barix IPAC firmware, which among its feature set includes five priority ports.


This allows users to connect multiple audio sources and organize them in a multi- layer hierarchy, which prioritizes sources with higher priority — particularly ideal for paging and public address systems that also stream background music.


Barix ISE 2 HIThe IP Former TPA400 Native Dante is built to receive a single-channel Dante stream and play within ten milliseconds (10ms) of end-to-end latency, enabling reliable synchronous playout across many locations. Customers can route audio directly through Dante Controller, supporting a very simplified configuration, while the Dante-specific firmware facilitates integration with diverse audio systems. For example, the IP Former TPA400 Native Dante can serve interior facility spaces while higher power Dante amplifiers can serve larger outdoor areas, ensuring consistent latency management across all end points. This makes the solution ideal for installation on large corporate and higher ed campuses, as well as within hospitality settings including large hotel and resort properties.


In addition to supporting straightforward configuration and enhanced audio system compatibility, our Dante hardware solution offers a Dante-only firmware aligned with industry standards worldwide. This enhances adaptability across a broad range of scenarios and technologies, including PoE Dante speakers. With the native Dante IP Former, Barix provides a fully compliant Dante compatible mini-amplifier that is PoE-powered and can turn any speaker into a Dante Speaker with the lowest latency and at the lowest cost possible, said Reto Brader, CEO, Barix. 


Barix will also show how Dante facilities can use the original IP Former TPA400 and other Barix hardware devices to bridge two Dante networks through SIP connectivity and other protocols, such as RTP and InformaCast. This application is supported through Barix IPAC firmware, which supports audio bridging between various protocols.

Barix has developed a way to enable unidirectional and bidirectional interconnection of two Dante systems, using Barix IPAC hardware devices (Exstreamer M400, Exstreamer MPA400, Annuncicom MPI400, IP Former TPA400) to support SIP-based WAN bridging. The result is a simpler and lower- cost interconnection that removes the need for analog-to-Dante conversion to bridge the two networks, and instead feeds SIP calls direct to Dante networks. 

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