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Humly offers hardware solutions for space booking that work through Appspace software.

The company recently demonstrated how Appspace's workplace experience solutions integrate seamlessly with its two award-winning hardware offerings: Humly Booking Device and Humly Room Display.


ISE 2024 marked the first time Humly demonstrated the integration with Appspace software in Europe and the world debut of the Appspace integration with Humly Booking Device.


A key aspect of the demonstrations is an innovative hot desking feature leveraging Humly's integrated sensors and Appspace's resource management capabilities. Introduced at the Appspace World of Work (WOW23) in North America in September, the integration offers businesses a new level of flexibility and efficiency for on-the-go space booking, fulfilling the promise of a seamless return-to-office experience.Humly Appspace 1 HIAttendees of the demonstrations were able to see the efficiency of Humly and Appspace integration in simulated workspace environments, including the ability to book a desk through the Appspace space booking software. These bookings automatically appeared on the local Humly Booking Device, which was mounted beneath an adjacent desk surface. Humly also showcased its proven integration with Appspace's space booking software for Humly Room Display, which provides the same functionality and immediate display of meeting room booking details.


Appspace offers a comprehensive platform with versatile solutions ranging from intranet to digital signage and room booking, and we have enjoyed a strong partnership in North America. Combining Appspace with Humly's room and desk booking devices creates an appealing solution for enterprise clients, with Humly's innovative sensor data output, user interface, and form factor enhancing space booking experiences, as well as hot desking functionality. In our mission to offer customers a variety of integrated hardware and software options for space booking, we are excited to present this partnership with Appspace to integrators and end users, said Anders Karlsson, CEO of Humly.


Together, Humly and Appspace offer elegant, stylish, and secure room booking experiences. Appspace's space booking software is certified for use on Humly's premium hardware devices, allowing users to instantly book a room, view meeting schedules, and much more from an intuitive and interactive touchscreen.

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