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DynaScan introduced its multi-technology outdoor kiosks solutions at ISE 2024.

DynaScan Technology announced the launch of its latest outdoor kiosks featuring multi-technology integration that can seamlessly integrate various display technologies, including LCD, LED, LED tickers, and ePaper.

Joining the company’s DK Series of outdoor displays, the kiosks are available in three sizes—65″, 75″, and 86″—and are offered in both dual-sided and single-sided configurations to cater to a diverse range of outdoor display needs.


DynaScan’s new outdoor kiosks allows businesses to tailor their outdoor displays to suit specific messaging and engagement requirements. The ability to use various display technologies enables dynamic and engaging content presentation.


For instance, LED tickers can be utilized for scrolling real-time information, while LCD or LED displays can showcase static or dynamic visuals, enhancing overall audience engagement.


We are incredibly excited to introduce our latest innovation—kiosks that seamlessly integrate an array of display technologies. We believe these new offerings will provide businesses with the flexibility to tailor outdoor displays to their unique needs and redefine how businesses connect with their audience, David Huang, Executive Vice President of DynaScan, commented while introducing the new kiosks.


The outdoor kiosks are available with optional equipment to enhance functionality, including Intel® Smart Display Module integration, wireless antennas, P-CAP touch technology, digital locks, cameras, and sensors, providing a comprehensive solution for various applications.


Key features at-a-glance:

  • Environmental responsibility and sustainability: DynaScan outdoor kiosks stand out for their exceptional energy efficiency, promoting both sustainability and cost-effectiveness. The modular design of the DynaScan DK series offers a sustainable, long-lasting, and upgradable outdoor display solution. The materials used in construction are chosen with recyclability in mind, ensuring that the kiosks can be responsibly disposed of at the end of their lifespan. This commitment benefits advertisers, local municipalities, and the environment, and echoes the objectives for set by the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Viewable in a variety of lighting conditions: Whether choosing high-brightness LCD, LED or ePaper display technologies, images offer superior sunlight readability to help maximize audience engagement.
  • Extreme durability: IP-rated for all-weather performance, DynaScan kiosks can withstand harsh environmental conditions year-round. Featuring IK10 protection, the kiosks are equipped with a tough steel frame and double-laminated glass for durability and security.
  • Intelligent thermal management and low maintenance: Customized dual heat sinks provide constant passive cooling without power usage at lower temperatures. With no filters to continuously clean and replace, DynaScan outdoor kiosks deliver a reliable, low maintenance solution.
  • Smart operation: Automatic adaptation to external factors like brightness, temperature, and time of day ensures optimal display performance and energy efficiency.
  • DynaScan Total Control Cloud (TCC): Enables network operators to monitor and troubleshoot devices remotely with features such as 24/7 live monitoring, dashboard access, OSD monitoring and control, as well as alert notifications to facilitate quicker maintenance, reduce downtime, and optimize overall performance.


DynaScan’s new outdoor kiosks with multi-display technology and Total Control Cloud integration set a new standard in outdoor digital signage, providing a reliable, efficient, and customizable solution for businesses in various industries.

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