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The Club for Innovation visits ITI to learn about its advances in data exploitation.

3D Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, or Big Data are some of the innovative technologies used in projects presented by ITI, a private technological center specializing in ICT, during the open day held this Friday for members of the Club for Innovation of the Valencian Community.


In this line, attendees have been able to firsthand experience how ITI provides technological solutions that address social and economic challenges through the application of R&D+i.


After the welcome from Paco Gavilán, president of the Club for Innovation and CEO of Nunsys, Laura Olcina, general manager of ITI, took the floor to introduce ITI, presenting its main activities and the center's objectives. Subsequently, the visit kicked off with a presentation by Javier Llácer, director of the Technological Services Unit at ITI, who took over from Laura Olcina to detail the center's mission, highlighting its role as an innovative agent. He emphasized that ITI stands out for its close collaboration with technology companies, making it an "active technological center that supports the innovation processes of entities by providing advanced and innovative services and solutions".ITI Club Innovación 1 HI

R&D+i, key to business success

With more than 150 projects per year, ITI seeks technological solutions to boost business competitiveness. Therefore, attendees have not only visited ITI's facilities but also had the opportunity to learn about the innovative projects that the private technological center specializing in ICT has embarked on.

On one hand, visitors have learned from Raúl Hussein, director of Advanced Data Analysis Services at ITI, about two projects that involved collaboration with companies. One of them was the success case with Aranco, a leader in industrial packaging services, which involved building a Digital Twin of the industrial packaging process to optimize the production life cycle and film supply (SMART FILM). To achieve this, the project acquired and validated knowledge, techniques, and technologies in the domain of the Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence.

Another initiative presented by Hussein was TeamCoder, a tool developed with Lãberit, which automatically codes diseases through Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, reducing administrative tasks by around 70%.

On the other hand, the other two presentations were made in The DataRoom, the first multisectoral demonstrator center specialized in data for industry 4.0, where you can experience how data behaves in an industrial environment and how, through the application of digital technologies, advanced, agile, and efficient manufacturing is achieved.

Sergio Navarro, Business Development Director at ITI, presented ZeroGravity3D, an innovative inspection system that uses 3D Computer Vision techniques in 360º for online quality control. This solution integrates into the production process, enabling the capture, 3D reconstruction, and inspection of each piece.

Finally, Adela Ruiz, Director of Intelligent Optimization Systems at ITI, presented ITI's industrial metaverse, an emerging technology that integrates, in a single collaborative space, everything from virtual reality and augmented reality to the Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent optimization, or Artificial Intelligence. This allows experimenting with new processes or simulating new products before their implementation. Club for Innovation members have been able to personally experience this technology in the DataRoom with virtual reality glasses.


Thanks to projects and technologies described throughout the day, ITI presents itself as a technological partner for entities that, for various reasons, cannot assume the investment required to maintain their own R&D+i department. Therefore, ITI and the Club for Innovation of the Valencian Community share the same objective: to help companies and organizations improve their level of competitiveness.


Finally, Joaquín Membrado, General Secretary of the Club for Innovation of the Valencian Community and President of E&D, has closed the session by explaining the upcoming events of the Club, focusing on the promotion, dissemination, and application of innovation, as well as the promotion of continuous improvement.

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