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Vogel's launches dvLED Connect-it, an innovative mounting system developed for installing LED panels.

This system ensures a quick and easy installation of LED videowalls on walls or ceilings and is also designed for mounting on Vogel's floor stands and trolleys. This provides an ideal solution for locations where drilling into a wall may not be possible.Vogels LED 2 HI

Perfect installation

The patented dvLED Connect-it system features smart functions that allow for a simple and seamless installation. The system has a universal design, making it compatible with all dvLED panel brands. With dvLED Connect-it, Vogel's sets a new standard for LED panel mounting systems.


Key features

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ultra-slim design: 40.5mm
  • Depth adjustment: 40mm
  • Precision adjustment in "x", "y", and "z" directions for seamless results
  • TÜV-5 certified, ensuring high quality and safety


Vogel's modular dvLED Connect-it system stands out for its ingenious design, safety, choice of materials, ease of installation, and durability. Additionally, you can rely on excellent service and support.

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